General Campground Information


Enjoy scenic tent camping beside Clear Creek.  Sites are for 1 tent, 2 adults (max) and their children.  Tents must fit on the tent pad provided and may not be pitched in the grass. Tents are not allowed on cabins or RV sites.

Speed Limit

Please follow posted speed limits for the safety of everyone in the park.  We ask for license plate numbers so that we can connect with those who disregard the posted speed limits - continued disregard will result in expulsion from the park.  Thank you for helping us have a save summer!


Your animal friends are welcome at the Buffalo KOA per the KOA official National Pet Policy, which can be reviewed upon completion of your reservation. Please do not bring pets that exhibit aggressive or protective behaviors to our busy campground.  We ask that you do not leave pets unattended at any time and they are on a 6 foot lead whenever the animal is outside the owner's trailer, vehicle, cabin or motor home. Pets must be leashed unless they are inside KampK9. Owners that allow dogs to incessantly bark day or night will be asked to leave. You are REQUIRED to pick up after your animal friends no matter where they poop on the campground, including by the creek.. Bags are provided throughout the campground.  Pets are not allowed in our general public buildings, restrooms, laundry, pool, etc. There is an $20.00 pet cleaning fee for cabins and you are responsible for any damage that your pet causes. If you have a service dog, please let us know during your reservation process or by adding a note online.

General Information

Our amazing Buffalo KOA staff is excited to meet you and host you for your stay in Buffalo.
I would like to take the time to introduce you to our staff and share some information about our park that will help make your stay more enjoyable while you are here.
Our family owns and operates this KOA and really enjoys connecting with guests and helping them have an enjoyable time while they are in the area exploring Buffalo and the Bighorn Mountains.  There are six members of the Peoples' family working here:  Paul and Anita and their 4 daughters - Rowan, Caitlin, Alyssa and Morgan - you will likely meet at least one of us during your stay.  Please let them know you appreciate their work!
Park Reminders:
We will be ready to check in daily arrivals at 1:00 p.m.  Please plan your arrival time to be no earlier than 1:00 p.m.  Late arrivals are not a problem.
Check out is at 11:00 a.m. Please plan departures accordingly.
Reservations are for one vehicle and one RV at each site.  If this does not represent your situation, please notify the staff.  A limited number of parking passes are available for additional cars and are $25 each.
Each site is equipped to handle one RV and one vehicle.  Please park on the pad to avoid damage to services and avoid parking on the grass.
Campground rules are enforced, so staff are expected to ask guests to slow down when they are speeding, to move improperly parked vehicles, to avoid walking through neighboring sites, to pick up after their pets, etc.  Please familiarize yourself with our campground rules, so that you and your neighbor and our staff has a safe and enjoyable experience during your stay.  
If your vehicle or RV becomes disabled in your site while camping and you cannot meet your departure plans, please alert the office as soon as possible, so we can help you connect to services and to make arrangements for the next guest who is arriving into that site.  With enough time, we can usually make things work to accommodate unforeseen breakdowns.
Our staff is young but very capable of helping to solve any issues or concerns you may have while staying with us.  We prioritize the value of both our guests and our staff.  We appreciate that when you have issues that you approach our staff with respect and kindness and expect them to partner with you to get to a solution.  This is what they are trained to do.  Our lowest points this summer, so far, have been when angry, frustrated adults have berated and cursed our young ladies to the point of tears for situations out of their control.  This is not acceptable.  If/when this happens in the future, the staff has been instructed to cancel the reservation and ask the guest to leave.  As owners, we will back up our staff in these situations.  We want everyone to have an enjoyable summer!

We have had an overwhelmingly positive summer and have made so many new friends already.  We look forward to hosting your family and getting to know you while you are here.  
Safe travels and we will see you down the road! 
Paul and Anita Peoples and the Buffalo KOA staff


Campfires are one of the highlights of camping.  To ensure we all have a safe and fun campfire season, please follow these common courtesies: 
1. Campfires are only allowed in designated fire pits. Please do not move pits.  
2. Campsites may be close together, so please be respectful of your neighbors (smoke & noise).
3. Fires must have someone attending them at all times. Only burn wood (not aluminum, glass, garbage, etc.). Put all fires out before retiring for the evening.
4. FOLLOW ALL FIRE RESTRICTIONS  that may be in effect.
Firewood and fire starters are sold in the camp store during office hours, so plan accordingly.  There is a large community fire pit down by Clear Creek. Charcoal grills are not designed to be used as fire pits - charcoal only.  IF your site does not have a fire pit - call our staff and ask about options!

QUIET HOURS 10pm-7am



Our pool is open from Memorial Day weekend through KOA Appreciation weekend weather permitting. Pool hours: 10:00 AM - 8:45 PM. There is NO lifeguard on duty.  Wyoming State Regulations state an adult must accompany any child under 18 year of age when inside the pool area. No glass or food is allowed in the pool area (picnic tables are located nearby). Smoking is not permitted around the pool area. See additional rules posted by the pool.


If you have a reservation and arrive after closing you will find your Guest Service Guide with your name and site number on a bulletin board (to the right when your come in the main building front door). It will provide you with directions to your campsite, Wi-Fi password, a map of our campground that shows the location of all the amenities. If you do not have a reservation, you can fill out a night registration envelope on one of the sites located under the AVAILABLE SITES SIGN (please do not take a map with a name on it). If you need a receipt, it will be automatically emailed to you once the reservation is entered in the system or you may stop by the office in the morning to get one. Please write legibly!


Due to insurance requirements, it is necessary that guests come into the office and let us know at check-in you will have visitors. Please ask your guests to announce their arrival to staff. Inviting more than 2 people to visit must have approval of owners prior to arrival. If you would like to use the camp pavilion, please let the staff in the office know, since it is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and may be reserved prior to arrival. Guest parking is in front of the pool or past the propane tank, near the dumpster.  A small fee for additional guests staying overnight will be charged to the reservation.

Store Hours Memorial Day to KOA Rewards Weekend

Daily Hours Memorial Weekend to KOA Rewards Weekend
Open:   8:30am - 11:00am
Open:  1:00pm - 7:00pm

The office is closed between 11:00 and 1:00 for our staff to clean and ready the park for our incoming guests.  We strive to take lunch together from 12:30-1:00 in order to rest, restore and reconnect before we return to work.

A staff member is always ready to answer the phone after hours for any additional assistance.  Please refrain from calling after 11:00pm except for urgent needs (power outage/water leak, etc).  In a health emergency, please call 911 before calling the office.

Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring Camping

We are proud to offer the only local camping option for RV travelers during the late fall, winter and early spring even if our hospitality takes on a different look during this season!  While we  we do not keep the store open - someone in our family will contact guests about how our camping works in this season and to answer any questions you may have and offer you any assistance you may require.  Reservations will be posted on the bulletin board in the hall way of the main building. When camping with us, we provide an RV site with sewer and electric hookups and streaming capable Wi-Fi.  The main building is open 24/7 and has a bathhouse with modern showers (HOT!), separate restrooms and a laundry facility.  Our rates for this season reflect the limited use of amenities and no water at the full hookup sites (they will freeze!). 

Need assistance or want to meet us?  Call 307-684-5423

Considerate Camping Practiced Here

We feel so blessed to live with our family in this beautiful campground located at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, bordered by French Creek and Clear Creek. We strive to keep our facilities immaculately clean and attend to the little details that make a difference to us and especially for you.  Things like micro trashing, raking out fire pits, cleaning dirty grills, power washing concrete, sweeping porches and dusting cobwebs, scrubbing showers and cleaning air conditioner filters.  It isn't glamorous work, but it is work that makes us feel pride in the experience we offer our wonderful guests. We humbly ask for your help in a few key areas: respect our facilities and the amenities provided, practice eco-friendly habits (turn off lights and water!), burn your grill clean after dinner and ensure the propane is off,  pick up after your pets as you walk around the park, leave the areas you use like you found them and please don't park vehicles on grassy areas.  Kindly be our eyes and ears and report any damages, messes (and misses) so we can ensure everyone enjoys this great campground.

Meet Your Hosts

The Peoples Family - Paul, Anita, Rowan, Caitlin,

Welcome to our family!

Paul and Anita and the Peoples family would like to welcome you to Buffalo KOA!  We are very excited to be your hosts during your stay in Buffalo, WY. 
Here are a few suggestions for your stay:
Hike in the Bighorn Mountains
Drive through Crazy Woman Canyon
Explore Cloud Peak Wilderness
Walk along the Clear Creek Trail
Visit the wonderful shops in downtown Buffalo
Take a ride out to TA Guest Ranch and learn about the 'Invaders" and eat one of the best steaks in town
Enjoy some of the best fishing and hunting Wyoming has to offer.
At the end of the day, come sit around a campfire and tell us about your adventures!