Fishing in Sheridan, Wyoming — A Sheridan Travel Guide

Fishing in Sheridan, Wyoming — A Sheridan Travel Guide

If you enjoy fly fishing, you will not want to skip visiting Sheridan, Wyoming. Located halfway between Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore, Sheridan is surrounded by miles of ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and tributaries home to a diverse native fish population.

From the North Tongue River and Tongue River Reservoir to Bighorn Canyon and the South Tongue River, there are plenty of opportunities to cast a line near Sheridan. Learn more about the region's native fish and best fishing destinations below.

The Best Times to Go Fishing in Sheridan, Wyoming

The cold water ponds, lakes, rivers and tributaries surrounding Sheridan are home to a diverse fish population. Fly anglers can catch anything from trout and bass to rarer fish species like gold trout and tiger muskie. 

The best time to go fishing depends on the type of fish you are after. Most regional fly fishers agree that the late spring, summer and early fall boast some of the best times to go fishing in Sheridan.

Fish Native to Sheridan and the Rocky Mountain West

Fish varieties you can catch in the waters surrounding Sheridan include:

  • Yellowstone cutthroat: The Yellowstone cutthroat is a regional fish native to Wyoming. Freshwater anglers travel far and wide to fish the North Tongue River and Bighorn River near Porcupine Falls to glimpse this beautiful, gold-tinted, red-gilled fish.
  • Rainbow trout: You will find several trout varieties in the ponds, lakes and tributaries surrounding Sheridan, including rainbow trout, brown trout and gold trout. You can find rainbow trout — a ray-finned game fish — in the North and South Tongue Rivers and Bighorn Canyon. Bring along your blue-winged Olive flies and Zebra Midges for the best chance of catching trout.
  • Largemouth bass: If you are after bass, you must bring popper flies and Clouser Minnows along. Stop by The Kleenburn Ponds, where many anglers capture largemouth bass and other bass varieties. The Lower Tongue River, South Park Recreation Area and Tongue River Reservoir are excellent spots for catching large, trophy-sized bass.
  • Tiger muskie: While the tiger musky can be challenging to catch, anglers have had luck luring these stunning, tiger-striped hybrid fish in The Tongue Reservoir. Pack a handmade wobbler lure designed to catch game fish if you want to wrangle one of these beauties.
  • Shovelnose sturgeon: The shovelnose sturgeon — or hackleback — is a unique-looking fish with a long body, flat snout and shark-like tail fin. You can find these prehistoric-looking, bottom-dwelling fish in The Tongue River and Powder River Basin.
  • Northern pike: Anglers often catch large Northern pike in and around The Tongue River Reservoir. Pack a variety of minnows and jerk bait to entice these large, predatory fish.

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