Conestoga Wagons are Here!

Conestoga Wagons are Here!

We're super excited to share that our 2 Conestoga Wagons and their bathhouse are here! We still have to get through this crazy winter and get them set up with water and electricity (to power the heat and AC, lights, etc.) and chocked in their final locations at the park. Right in between them we'll be setting the private Conestoga bathhouse that these two wagons will share. These are going to be an amazing addition to the campground, and for our guests - book them here!

The Conestoga Wagon, also known as the "prairie schooner," has a rich and colorful history that dates back to the 1700s. These iconic wagons were first used by Pennsylvania Dutch settlers to transport goods across rugged terrain, including the Appalachian Mountains.

With their distinctive curved tops and wide, sturdy wheels, Conestoga Wagons were ideal for long-distance travel, and were soon adopted by pioneers headed west in search of new opportunities and a better life.

As the wagons made their way across the Great Plains and over the Rocky Mountains, they became symbols of the American frontier spirit. From covered wagons on the Oregon Trail to military supply trains during the Civil War, Conestoga Wagons played a vital role in shaping the nation.

Today, these historic wagons are a popular choice for camping enthusiasts who want to experience a taste of the pioneer lifestyle. With their cozy interiors, rustic charm, and rich history, a stay in a Conestoga Wagon is sure to be an unforgettable adventure. We look forward to hosting you in Sheridan!

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