Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Grand Canyon

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a stunning natural wonder in Arizona, offering many activities and sights. If you are planning a first-time Grand Canyon visit, here is a complete guide to planning your trip with activities you can do in the area.

What You Need to Know About Visiting the Grand Canyon

The vast park has many sights and activities, so you must choose how to spend your time and plan for expenses during your trip. Here are a few planning tips:

  • Selecting a season: The best seasons for avoiding heat and crowds are spring and fall. You can also visit during winter, but the North Rim will be closed.
  • Considering your budget: A park pass, activities in the canyon and transportation costs contribute to your trip expenses. 
  • Minding the weather: Different altitudes bring varying weather. Also, the park has lots of sun with little shade, so pack water, sunscreen and protective clothing. 
  • Booking ahead: Pre-book activities to ensure you will have a spot. You can also buy a national park pass before visiting the park.
  • Planning activities: To plan your trip, consider what you want to see and what you are willing to spend.

Grand Canyon Things to See and Do

If you need some help figuring out what to do at the Grand Canyon, here are a few ways to see the park on foot, from the sky and from the water. 

Helicopter Tour

Seeing the park from the sky offers an entirely new perspective, allowing you to see the whole expanse of the giant canyon. A helicopter tour can also save travel time because you can book a tour that leaves from Las Vegas, saving you about five hours of driving to the park.

Whitewater Rafting

Rafting the Colorado River gives a new perspective on the canyon from below while adding the thrill of speeding down the rapids and splashing through the water.

Hiking and Walking

If you want to explore the park on foot, you can visit the Skywalk for a similar perspective to a helicopter view. You can also choose from various hike options. You can make a weeklong trek between the North Rim and the South Rim or choose a more gentle canyon descent with the Bright Angel Trail.

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