General Campground Information

Visitors Guide

At the Grand Lake Visitor's Center we welcome guests as they prepare to embark on their Grand Lake adventure. Visit with our local experts to find information on trails, dining, lodging, and every form of recreation imaginable. We love Grand Lake and are excited to share our knowledge with you! 

Grand Lake KOA Marijuana Policy

We pride ourselves on being a “Family-Friendly” campground. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes a positive/healthy environment in which families can create extraordinary memories for a lifetime. While marijuana is legalized in the State of Colorado, we are a private campground, and therefore we can ban the use of marijuana from our campground. We have chosen to ban the use of marijuana on our premises in order to provide families with the best possible experience to create those family memories. If a camper is using marijuana, then they will be: 1. Asked to stop the use immediately, advising them of our campground's policy. 2. If they choose not to do so or begin to use it again, they will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

After Hours Check-In

If you will be arriving past our store hours, we have a night registration box outside our front door.
If you open this box, there will be an envelope with the name of the reservation on it. Inside this envelope there will be a map showing where your site is and how to get there, then you can come and register in the morning.

Store Hours

Our ours are generally 8am-5pm

Tent area camping sink

We have an industrial dish washing sink attached to our main office, for all your dish washing needs!


We are a dog-friendly campground and do not charge for pets kept in our guest's camping units. (RVs/Tents)


Please place your non-recyclable garbage in one of our bear-proof dumpsters DURING store hours. We use bear bars to prevent bears from getting into the dumpsters.

RV Washing

We do not allow campers to wash their cars or RV's.  We do allow, in certain instances, for the camper to wash their windshield, in order to avoid fees from RV rental companies.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are from 10:00pm until 7:00am. Please be considerate of others.

Gray water

Gray water must be collected and disposed of responsibly at our dump station. We do offer onsite pumping services - check in the office for scheduling.

Firearms and Fireworks

These are not allowed at all. We have a zero tolerance on this issue.

Meet Your Hosts

Greg and Peri Ann Query

Welcome to Grand Lake!

We've been happy campers for a long time. Much of our family camping experiences have been in Wisconsin. When our children became travel-worthy, we made several multi-state trips to national parks. Greg was in scouting and has always loved life outdoors. Peri studied outdoor recreation and park administration in college, camped as a child with her family, and has worked in a variety of state, federal and municipal park settings.Our Daughter, Jamie, worked at O'Connells Jellystone campground for two years. In 2016, she learned about campground management from the owner of Smokey Hollow Campground in Wisconsin. Jamie enjoys acting, playing Xbox, reading, bicycling, woodworking, and just being outdoors. Mark, 19, enjoys camping, Minecraft, riding bicycles, swimming, fishing, doing puzzles and eating pizza. We are blessed to have KOA Campgrounds on both sides of Rocky Mountain National Park!