Staff Highlight: Daniel & Victoria

Staff Highlight:  Daniel & Victoria

Staff Highlight: Daniel and Victoria Ferguson

Meet Daniel & Victoria!  They both hail from Alabama, and have been on the road together for five years.  They don't plan to move back to Alabama, so they are on the hunt for a new home, and GREAT NEWS, they think Michigan may be it!  Daniel & Victoria worked at both the Gaylord and Gaylord South/Bradford Lake KOAs this summer and it was their second work camping job in Michigan. They just keep ending up in Michigan - woohoo!

The Ferguson’s  travel with their two dogs, Mila and Popcorn.  The dogs both adapted really well to RV life. In fact, Popcorn has never lived in a house!  They have traveled to 25 states and proudly say, “We’re halfway there!”  They both enjoy kayaking and hiking, which makes them a perfect couple for Michigan work camping.  There is nowhere prettier to be in the summer and fall than Up North Michigan.  They also love watching horror movies - their Staff Highlight was intentionally planned for Halloween Week!  Daniel enjoys cooking and playing music.  Victoria enjoys reading, needle felting and collecting vintage clothing, think 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

What Daniel and Victoria liked most about work camping this season was organizing the Fall-o-ween festival.  Daniel got to stretch his creative muscles by making a lot of the props for the haunted trail. Victoria loves a theme, so watching the campground explode with fall decorations was fun.  Going to get pumpkins with Elizabeth, one of the owners, was one of her favorite days. 

Since they worked at both of our sister campgrounds, they had two favorite spots to mention.  At Gaylord South/Bradford Lake, they love the lake. They love spending time kayaking on warm days. At Gaylord, they like to walk the trails down by the creek with their dogs, especially during fall when the leaves are changing.   

Daniel and Victoria were a joy to have around this summer.  They work hard and smile constantly. I’ve never seen a neater, more organized garage than the one at Bradford Lake…thanks to Daniel!  Victoria is all about the fun and thankfully for us, they will be back on site as ‘Team Recreation’ for the Gaylord and Gaylord South/Bradford Lake KOAs in 2024!  

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