Fish ON! Fishing & Hunting in Northern Michigan

Fish ON!  Fishing & Hunting in Northern Michigan

Looking to visit Northern Michigan this fall?  Eager to get outside as the weather turns crisp and cool?  

Use our Winter Cabins as your Basecamp this Fall! 

Gaylord South/Bradford Lake KOA is excited to announce that we have Deluxe Cabins available for the fall and winter season!  We wanted to meet the needs of those of you traveling Up North this autumn, by providing a warm, comfortable cabin for you to come home to after a busy day outdoors.   Invite a friend or bring your family because there is so much for you all to do in Crawford & Otsego Counties, including fishing and hunting! 

The waters of northern Michigan are teeming with a variety of fish species, making it a prime destination for anglers. While it’s true that many anglers visit during the warmer months, November has its own charm. The cold water temperatures encourage the fish to be active, and the cooler weather means you’ll have fewer crowds to contend with.

  1. Trout and Salmon:  November marks the tail end of the salmon run in Michigan’s rivers. This is an excellent time to target Chinook and Coho salmon, as well as steelhead trout. These powerful fish provide thrilling battles for anglers.

  1. Walleye and Pike:  The inland lakes and rivers are great places to target walleye and northern pike in November. These species tend to be more active as they prepare for winter, making it an ideal time to reel in a trophy catch.

Check out the Michigan Fishing Guide at: 

  1. Whitetail Deer:  November is a highly anticipated month for deer hunters in Michigan. The firearms season usually kicks off in mid-November, attracting hunters from far and wide. The northern forests provide excellent opportunities for tracking and bagging a majestic whitetail buck.    

  2. Upland Game Birds:  For those who prefer hunting small game, upland birds like ruffed grouse and woodcock are in season during November. The dense woodlands and forests of northern Michigan offer perfect habitat for these game birds.

  3. Waterfowl:  Michigan’s wetlands and marshes attract waterfowl enthusiasts during November. Duck and goose hunting are popular activities, with various species such as mallards, wood ducks, and Canada geese present in the region.

The 2023 Michigan Hunting Guide can be found at: 

A November trip to northern Michigan promises an outdoor adventure like no other. Whether you’re casting your line into the chilly waters in search of salmon and trout or venturing into the woods to pursue whitetail deer and upland game, be sure to come home to the comforts of a deluxe cabin at the Gaylord South/Bradford Lake KOA!  

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