What to do in the Copper City

Want to stay in Butte, Montana? We don't blame you! There is so much to offer in this town, we find that most of our guests want to extend their stay with us just to get the most out of this historical place. Butte isn't just "The richest hill on Earth." Butte is also rich in so much history. You can visit the World Museum of Mining, drive around and check out the old headframes, enjoy the view from uptown, and there are great paved walking trails along the way. With Thompson Park close by, you can do great trail hiking as well as biking along the old Milwaukee Railroad. After you've enjoyed the outdoors, you can cool off with our amazing local breweries Butte Brewing or Quarry Brewing, and then enjoy a plethora of local restaurants in our historical uptown. You can walk around and enjoy the historical buildings, stop in to visit many Irish Pubs and hear locals share their stories of back in the day when Butte was the mining city. Butte is definitely not just your town that you want to stop in for the night!

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