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Open April 28 - October 9

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30 Mallard Drive

Richmond, ME 04357

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Check-in: 2:00 pm, Check-out: 11:00 am

RV Sites, Tent Sites

Check-in: 2:00 pm, Check-out: 12:00 pm

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General Campground Information

Can I Check-In to the Campground After Office Closed?

Arriving after hours Without a reservation you will have the Night Registration Pricing, With a Reservation our park has a $5.00 per hour Late Check-In Fee. CONTACT US FOR OUR HOURS DURING YOUR TRIP. We actually prefer that our campers arrive at our park before dark, simply because of our park’s hills & layout with trees, etc. Our QUITE HOURS are from 10 pm – 8 am, so if you can’t be here and set up by 10 pm you may want to plan your travel time differently. We will not allow for late arrivals being loud and disruptive to our other guests who plan properly. Everyone realizes that you may at some point come across a challenge while traveling that sets your arrival time off, if so you need to contact us immediately so that we can see if we can move you to another site that will be easier to navigate into at that late of an hour. ANY Campers making too much noise after 10:00 may be required to leave our park property without a refund. No entries at our park after 11 pm PERIOD.

One Camping Unit Per Site

We only allow one camping unit per site without prior permission from the owners. If it is approved there is an additional FEE for a tent of $15. per night for the tent it's self plus the additional per person fees of over our rate that is based on the FOUR Person Occupancy. Our site limit is 6 people per site without prior approval.

Speed Limits

5 mph in the park and 10 mph on the entrance road. Strictly Enforced.

Forms of Payment we do NOT accept...And what we do..

No Personal Checks, No Foreign Exchange, and we do NOT have Payment Plans. We do however accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover as well as Traveler's Checks.

Value Kard Reward Members

Remember that you earn an extra 250 points each time you book your own reservation on- line, and that you can now earn points on your extended stays with us!

Store / Office and Lounge Hours

MEMORIAL DAY - LABOR DAY 8:00am - 8:00pm Sunday - Thursday 8:00am - 9:00pm Friday & Saturday Before Memorial Day Weekend & After Labor Day Weekend the hours will be posted on the front Office Door Daily. At this point of the season Sun. - Sat. 9 am - 5 pm Call ahead to confirm 207-582-5086

Quiet Hours

Observe quiet hours from 10 pm to 8 am.

Proof of Insurance Needed for Non Auto Vehicles

If you are going to use a Golf Cart or any other Motorized Vehicle even if it is an electric unit you must show us proof of a current insurance policy of $25,000. Our park is on a hill side and the roads are gravel which may make it harder to control any unit. This includes Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV's, and Electric Wheel Chairs. This does not include Motorcycles that are Licensed & Registered for road use and registered in our system with a license plate #.

Pet Policy

We are a pet friendly Campground but for everyone's comfort & safety do have to have rules for all to follow...3 Dog Limit per site. All pets must be on a 6 ft leash in our park, pets are not allowed in the rest rooms, in the pool enclosure, or inside our buildings. SERVICE dogs are exempt from the rules listed but must be checked in with papers upon arrival. , The dog (s) owner must clean up their dogs waste immediately no matter where you are on park property. We must have a copy of Every Dog (s) current Rabies Shot Certificate on file while staying with us. No wireless / invisible fences are allowed to be used at your site since they can’t be seen no one knows for sure that your pet is actually confined to a space. The only place that your dog (s) are allowed to be off leash on park property is in our Kamp K-9 Dog Park. NO Dogs can be left at anytime alone in anyplace on park property unless it is inside of your Camper, pets are NOT allowed to be left alone inside of any tents.

We have "Happy Hour Store Specials" !

These specials are meant to be fun and to save your family money on items they may or may not generally purchase. It will be posted in the store when they will be happening for the day and maybe even give you a clue as to what they may be for the day!

Fire Rings

Do not move fire rings without approval of Campground Owners. No open ground fires.

Check In Time:

2:00pm , if you need to arrive earlier there is an early arrival / check-in FEE of $5.00 per hour. From Labor Day until Closing Day there will be a $5.00 per hour Late Arrival Fee if you have a reservation and arrive at the park after 8 pm.

Other Rules

• No washing of vehicles or RVs. No vehicle maintenance. • No wet bathing suits in bathrooms, DRY OFF FIRST! • No bikes or skates in walkways. • Please use campsite manners do not cut through occupied sites. NO TRESPASSING on private property. • Quiet motorcycles are always welcome and may be used to enter/exit the park. Please keep them as quiet as possible within the campground. • Keep your site clean and orderly. • Smokers please dispose of cigarettes properly – do not toss them on the ground. • Keep alcoholic beverage use low-key and at own site. Excessive drinking will not be tolerated. • Fireworks are not allowed: Firearms may not be used within the campground • Emergency messages will be delivered. Outgoing mail may be deposited in the mailbox at the office. EVERY Camper/ guest of camper / visitor of camper or park must be properly registered or may be asked to leave the property immediately. If they do not leave when asked they will be removed so will CAMPER.

Walk - In & Night Registration Rates

Our Walk - In & Night Registration Rates are higher then those of a prior Reservation.

Check Out Times

Cabins / Rental Units - 11:00am RV and Tent Sites - 12 Noon If you need to arrange for a later check out it must be done in advance / no later then 9:00 am the day of check-out and there is a FEE of $5.00 per hour per camping unit to do so. This feature is only meant to assist with a ONE-TWO Hour over special circumstances . If you need/ want to stay longer the site that you are booked/reserved in must not have a reservation due in on that day at the 2pm check-in time. If you need to stay later you would either pay the full night fee or check out and PAY Day Visitor Fees must be paid & properly registered as a visitor if the campers who where due to check out want to stay and use Park Amenities. Even if the camping unit has been moved off from the site, there will still be the day visitor fees and proper registration required. The site that you may be checking out from may already have someone coming into it after you were scheduled to check out. Questions..Contact Patti Grover.

No clothes lines

For everyone’s comfort & safety please, no clotheslines. We have clothes dryers in our Laundry Facility. Please make sure faucets are turned completely off at your site. Do not chop, nail or otherwise damage trees. Ask the office if you need to place a trap etc. due to a rain storm, we will not allow them to be up permanently.

Pool Hours

10:00am - Dusk Pool may close early due to weather Pool Hours may be adjusted by owners for Aqua Aerobics and Adult ONLY Swim. See Calendar or Office for details.

Bicycles, Skateboards, and RC Vehicles in park

The State of Maine Law is that all bicyclists 16 years of age and under must wear a helmet. It is our park policy that they must also wear on at all times while riding their bicycle any where on our park property. No Bicycles, RC Vehicles or Skateboards are allowed to be ridden/driven or left on any of the campground walk ways for safety reasons. If one is left it will be impounded. Bicycles must also abide by the speed limits posted in our park for automobiles FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY. RC Vehicles may only be used in authorized areas of the park property, for the safety of all campers.

Pool Rules

• Please observe ALL POOL RULES. There are Rule signs with hours ( 10 am- Dusk ) posted. No FOOD or glass containers inside pool gate. You are responsible for the actions and behavior of children and guests. Young children should always be accompanied by an adult. All children must be on their campsite after sunset. • Parents please note: There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty. Children under the age of 14 are not even allowed inside the pool gate without their legal guardian / adult who brought them to our park with them, just because there may be another adult there does NOT make them responsible for watching your child. Proper attire required – no swimming in street clothes, cutoffs, and bathing suits MUST be worn. Babies who wear diapers MUST wear swim diapers in the pool and pond. We may have the POOL open for special events prior to 10 am or after Dusk. ( Aqua Aerobics & Adult ONLY Swim ) All To Be Announced on Scheduled Park Events.

Pavilion = Rec Room used for Events & Activities

The pool table is FREE to use and is located in our enclosed pavilion. The pavilion hours are 9 am- 9 pm unless there is a scheduled event / activity going on.

Our Firewood Policy & Pricing

Out of state firewood is not allowed to be brought into the State of Maine. We do sell a special, nationally approved firewood that is super kiln dried and bagged that can cross any state border; it is called " Greenlight Fire Bag". It sells for $4.00 per bag. When burning, it has about 1-1 1/2 hour of flameage then coals. Our bundled firewood sells for $6.00 per bundle or 3 bundles for $15.00. We have a $25. promotion that is approximately 6 bundles of wood. All wood we will deliver to your site at no extra cost once it has been paid for in the office. Local camper's from Maine are allowed to bring their own wood from home.

Our Policy for Camper's having Visitors / Guests

Our camping rates are based on a 4 person occupancy per night. Over 4 person per night. $5.00 per 18+, $4.00 per ages 6-17, under 5 years free for 1 st 3 then $3.per. LIMIT 6 people camping / visiting per site. Over 6 per site must rent another site or for day time use rent Group Area at $25. or Pavilion at $75. There will be an additional $15. fee to add a tent to any site on top of the per addition person fees. To add a tent to any site there must be prior approval by a campground owner. ALL Campers and ( their GUESTS/VISITORS ) ,as well as our park DAY USERS must be properly registered in the office. Rates & Rules for our Park Day Use People and Visitor / Guests of our Registered Campers.... Fees per person between hours of 9am - Until office closes for that day under age 3 Free for 1 st 3 then $2.00 each ages 3-6 $2.00 each ages 6-12 $3.00 each ages 12-17 $4.00 each ages 18+ $5.00 each NO ONE under age or 18 is allowed to be on park property without the adult that brought them

Rules for All Park Visitors who are NON Campers

Day Users / Visitors of Campers Guests may be limited to weekday use only this is at Owners Discretion Daily call before coming over to check. Day Users / Visitors may not bring coolers into pool area. Day Users / Visitors / Campers Guests will only be allowed on park property between the hours of 9 am - Time Office Closes that day. Are NOT allowed to bring pets or alcohol on to park property unless pre-approved by owners. Are allowed to picnic on/at designated areas only and if are in a group of 6 or more will need to either rent the Group Area at $25. or Pavilion at $75. Arraignments for this must be made ahead of time with Patti the Owner. Day Users / Visitors & Guests of Campers are allowed to use the rest rooms & showers, pool, playground, without a additional fees. Sign ups & FEES ARE REQUIRED FOR OTHER ACTIVITIES ( mini & disc golf, shuffleboard, Lazer Tag)

Play Ground Rules

No pets are allowed on entire playground area. Playground Open from 8am - Dark for everyone. After dark children must be supervised by their parents. Everyone must be off playground by quiet time at 10 pm unless we have a special park event scheduled.

Waterfront access

We provide complimentary Waterfront access at Town owned Peacock Beach just 1/2 mile drive or walk away. Plenty of parking, picnic tables, charcoal grills, and restrooms. Pets allowed at the park but not on the beach. Public boat launch just 2 miles away on Thoroughfare road. The mighty Kennebec River is just 5-7 miles away n Richmond and Gardiner with great public access and boat launches.

Play Ground & Nature Trail Hours

Playground & Nature Trail Hours are from 8 am till DUSK. All children must be supervised by their parent or the adult who brought them to the park if not at own site after dark. Our parks quiet time 10 pm - 8 am.

Meet Your Hosts

Henry & Patti Grover of LTD Parks, Inc.

We want to offer ALL of our campers a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! To be able to do so ALL campers/visitors/guests must follow ALL of our park rules from the time of entering our park entrance road until the time of leaving on it. If you're unhappy for any reason please give us the opportunity to fix it. If we can't fix it, we will refund fees or provide a rain check for any remaining stay. Our goal is 100% Happy Augusta-Gardiner KOA Campers!

To provide ALL campers with the best experience while camping with us at Augusta-Gardiner KOA we have created our  policy associated with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  We keep it simple, just follow all of our Campgrounds Guidelines / Rules from the time that you enter onto our Campground entrance road until you check out and exit our property.  How it works...We ask that you give us the opportunity to fix the issue and if we can not we will give you a refund for the remaining time of your stay from the time it was addressed or a Rain Check of that same value.  This does however exclude WEATHER related issues.

And we strongly believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!  One of ours was owning a family oriented campground that is safe, comfortable, affordable, and enjoyable place for ALL families to be able to create memories.

We are open to getting suggestions ( either written on paper or via e-mail to ) of things that we may do or have here at our park, but don't be surprised if we ask you to give us a list of three resolutions / answers of how we may accomplish those things that would be realistic and financially feasible, for us.  If you have any issues PLEASE bring them to our attention as soon as possible, do not wait to write a bad review about us.

We have a strong belief that families are a great source of happiness, strength, and peace so it is no wonder that we choose this lifestyle. And one of our goals this year at our park is to become know as a great place for families to vacation, staycation, camp, and visit even if just for a few hours.

Keep us in mind for your planning needs...Think of us from this point on as your Central Maine's Outdoor Family, Civic, and Corporate Outing Facility. Give Patti a call to discuss your party / event planning details and needs at 207-582-5086! Birthdays, Anniversaries,Family Reunions, Class Reunions, Retreats Civic/ Corporate/ Church Group/ Youth Group/ Theater Group/ Scout Troop,and ETC.

Henry & Patti Grover
LTD Parks, Inc.
Augusta - Gardiner KOA


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