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Everyone knows a great day starts with a great breakfast!

Oatmeal Breakfast

Ingredients: uncooked oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon, pinch of salt
Submitted By: Kimber Beck - Helena, MT

Oatmeal-Nut Pancakes

Ingredients: uncooked rolled oats, flour, brown sugar, salt, baking powder, chopped nuts (black walnuts are best but English walnuts, pecans or almonds are also good), milk, eggs, melted butter or margarine
Submitted By: Terri and Joe Wirtz - Concord, NH

Omelet Bags

Ingredients: eggs per person, scrambled, cheese, veggies or meat as desired
Submitted By: Rhiannon E Tienhaara

Omelet Roll on a Bun

Ingredients: eggs, water, pickle relish, mustard, salt, pepper, butter, slice American cheese, hot dog bun, split
Submitted By: KOA

One Pan Breakfast For Two

Ingredients: baked potatoes, skin left on, cut in bite sized pieces (from night before), diced bacon (cook first or pre cooked bacon), diced onion, diced pepper (red, yellow, orange or green), grated cheese of your choic, well beaten eggs
Submitted By: Jan Higgins

One Pan Breakfast Goulash

Ingredients: bacon, cut in 1" pieces, medium onion, diced, medium potatoes, diced, medium green pepper, diced, can mushrooms (optional), medium tomato, diced, large eggs, cheese slices, in pieces or 1/4 cup shredded cheese, seasoning to taste
Submitted By: Linda Pierson - Traverse City, MI

One Skillet Ausable Breakfast

Ingredients: maple cured bacon, fried potatoes, sweet yellow onion, butter, eggs
Submitted By: Jennifer Graham, Scotia, NY

Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Ingredients: eggs, milk, salt, black pepper, Tabasco sauce, dry mustard (optional), Cayenne pepper to taste (optional), cooked sausage or diced ham or bacon, grated cheese, slices bread, cubed
Submitted By: KOA

KOA Kompass

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