General Campground Information


Nous avons le Wifi gratuit sur place
We have free Wifi available at this campground.

Heures de la piscine / Pool Hours

La piscine est ouverte seulement la fin de semaine de 10 am à 4 pm
The pool is open only during the weekend from 10 am to 4 pm

Limite de vitesse / Speed Limit

Please be mindfull of all people walking and respect the speed limit of 5MPH
S'il-vous-plait respectez la limite de vitesse de 5 KMH

Frais additionels / Additional charges

Les frais de visiteurs sont de 15$ par personnes par jour pour les gens de 18 ans et plus.
Un politique de réservation de terrain garantie à été instauré avec un frais unique de 20$/réservation. Nous tentons toujours de convenir aux demandes de chaques clients, mais si le frais de 20$ n'a pas été payé, il es possible que vous soyez déplacé de terrain pour accomodé le plus de personnes possible.

Visitors: $15 per person per day over the age of 18.
We have always taken requests but have never been able to guarantee sites which many people would like so we have instituted a Site Guarantee fee of $20/reservation which guarantees the site you choose. We will still attempt to accommodate every request to be beside friends/family or in the sites you prefer, but if a site guarantee fee has not been paid then you may end up getting moved in order to fit in more reservations. If you pay the fee you will not be moved from the site you request.

Heures de repos / Quiet hours

Nous avons instauré nos heures de silence avec les lois de la ville. Entre 10PM et 7AM toute musique ou autres sources de bruit doivent être éteints et nous vous demandons d'utiliser vos voix de bibliothèque autour du feu.

We have set our quiet hours according to the City we are in by-laws.  Quiet time is from 10 PM until 7 AM.  At this time all outside music and electronics must be turned OFF and we ask that you use quieter voices when sitting around your campfire.

Arrivée et départ / Check-in and Check-out times

Pour les VR et les tentes, l'arrivée est à partir de 1PM et le départ avant midi.
Pour les kabines et les lodges, l'arrivée est à partir de 4PM et le départ avant 11AM

All RV and Tent sites can check-in any time after 1:00 PM and checkout before 12AM
All cabins and accommodations can check-in after 4:00 PM and check-out before 11AM

Politique sur le bois / Firewood policy

Nous vous demandons de ne pas apporter de bois sur le camping. Cela nous permet de limiter la propagation d'insectes nuisibles. Du bois est disponible sur le terrain.
We request that you do not bring your own wood onto the campground as we'd like to avoid the transportation of Bugs. We have firewood available for purchase at the campground.

Meet Your Hosts

Leclair Family

Every customer has needs, they only have to ask us and we help them.

Growing up on a KOA campground evokes good memories for Charles Leclair. So good, in fact, that in 1996 he purchased the campground from his father, who had owned it for 11 years prior. Since then, his whole family has been working on the campground to make it GREAT.
While investing year after year in the campground, the family is there to accommodate everybody and tray to make your trip at the Quebec city KOA a trip to remember. Being on of the oldest town in Canada, and having a very present French inheritance, makes this campground a wonderful escape from the everyday life.
Nicolas says: "There is snow here in the winter like you can't imagine, so when it all melts away, we are very exited to work again and give the best of us to every customer" 

Lately with the new pool, splashpad and spa, the Leclair family is very exited to make their campground your next holiday destination. Give them a call, they speak english and french. If you have any requests, please ask away!