Enjoy French Cuisine in Quebec City

Enjoy French Cuisine in Quebec City

Are you looking to explore French culture? Quebec is well-known for its French culture and cuisine. Experience a wide selection of French restaurants in Old Québec and Quebec City to taste the culture for yourself!

Aux Anciens Canadiens

Aux Anciens Canadiens is located in The Maison Jacquet. Constructed in 1675, The Maison Jacquet is one of the largest and oldest houses in Quebec. This location received its name because it was given to François Jacquet in November of 1674 by the neighboring convent.

The Aux Anciens Canadiens restaurant has been located in The Maison Jacquet since 1966. Popular dishes on their menu include:

  • Lac St-Jean meat pie/Tourtière du Lac St-Jean is made with wild meats, including caribou, elk, deer, pork and beef.
  • Warm duck confit salad/Salade tiède de canard confit, with balsamic and maple vinaigrette.
  • Maple creme brulee/Crème brûlée à l’érable.

Try these and several other unique dishes while dining in Quebec City.

Laurie Raphaël

At Laurie Raphaël, you can choose between having a gastronomic experience or a personalized menu. All menus vary between seasons, but several of their memorable meals include:

  • Seared beef loin with oyster meat juice, green beans and noisette butter squash purée.
  • Heirloom confit tomatoes with camelina oil lace, Fleur des Monts espuma and gorria pepper.
  • Iced salted caramel apple parfait served with orange zest, compressed cider apples and nutmeg jam.

Book a reservation at Laurie Raphaël to try authentic Quebec City cuisine.

Le Saint-Amour

The Le Saint-Amour restaurant was established in 1978 by Jacques Fortier and Jean-Luc Boulay. They serve French haute cuisine using only the best and newest techniques to make local and regional foods shine. Le Saint-Amour has also received numerous awards and recognitions, including French Master Chef and four stars from the Debeur Guide.

Their menu varies between seasons, so here is a glimpse of dishes they serve in Fall 2022 to give you an idea of their cuisine:

  • Half Turlo farb squab is roasted breast and thigh stuffed with foie gras, crushed hazelnuts, glazed pork belly with honey and truffles, Jerusalem artichoke chips and puree and natural juice.
  • Halibut from Saint-Laurent Estuary is made with crushed tomatoes with basil, cattail heart, daisy buttons, white butter, pine nuts and tomato water.
  • Iced Sphere is made with citrus fruit pepper, haskap berries nectar and coconut.

Reserve a table and check out their seasonal menus.

Chez Muffy

Chez Muffy is a farmhouse-inspired restaurant located within a historic maritime warehouse from 1822 with stellar views of the St. Lawrence River. The team at Chez Muffy uses sustainable local foods with Aliments du Québec au menu and Smarter Seafood recognitions.

Dishes to try at Chez Muffy include:

  • Striped Bass/Bar Rayé served with Albufera sauce and early cabbages.
  • Deer Loin Rossini/Longe de cerf façon Rossini, which has pâté en croûte, squash gnocchis and black pudding.
  • Grapes from La Marianne Farm/Raisins de la ferme La Marianne, a dessert made with honey, oat and rice.

Stop by Chez Muffy to try one of the top French restaurants in Quebec City.

Le Clocher Penché Bistrot

Le Clocher Penché Bistrot is a popular restaurant that offers a unique insight into French cuisine. Popular dishes at this restaurant include:

  • Smoked Sturgeon/Esturgeon Fumé, served with sundried tomatoes, lovage and puffed rice.
  • Stuffed Onions/Cipollini, served with nut cheese, romesco and red quinoa.
  • Cream puffs for two patrons/Choux à la crème pour deux patrons, served with pistachio, chocolate mousse and raspberry sorbet

Reserve a table at this fine St-Roch neighborhood restaurant!

Enjoy Camping After a Day of Visiting French Eateries in Old Québec

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