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Biscuits on a Stick


  • Ready to bake biscuits


Because you are cooking a biscuit, you can't use a small stick or cloths-hanger. You will need to have a stick that is about ¾ of an inch to 1 in diameter. (Dowel rods work real good, but you can use anything, I usually cut up some scrap wood that I always have around the house). Once you get your sticks, you need to put tin foil around the end of the stick covering a good six inches. If you don't do this your stick will probably start burning, which sort of takes the fun out of cooking the biscuit.

You also need a can of biscuits, you know the kind that pops open and you just put them on a cookie sheet. I think any type of biscuit would work, just regular or large biscuits. Insert the foil covered stick into the biscuit and roast over a campfire until golden brown on the outside and baked completely on the inside.

Mike C. Smith

Campfire Cooking

KOA Kompass

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