General Campground Information

Speed Limit - 5 miles an hour

Please remember to go 5 miles an hour. The park is not a level park, each road is higher than the other, and kids come flying down the hill. Priority is to keep and insure the safety of the kids here in the park. 5mph is a crawl, but, if a child were to be hit at 5mph, they may still survive, but at 10mph and above, they would be most certainly killed. Please help our kids to be safe. 
Thank you very much!

We are open for business

We are open! At this time we are working hard to keep everything clean and safe from this COVID-19. We look forward to seeing you and your family.  Thank you and have a beautiful day.

Bigger and better

Just to let you know we are under construction we have bigger sites our largest so far about 57' and we are working on three new pull through's, yeah were getting it done. Also for our tenter's we have more tent site's for you.

check out

We have changed our check out time's from 11am to 12. Now, if you need, you can hit the mountain and be back in plenty of time.

our park

Just to let you know a few things about our park, we are a smaller park then most but we have heart. We have nice tent areas and our park we are tiring to make it more accessible for larger motor home. So we now have 3 pull trough's and a grand spot 50 amp site best view of all but there's not a bad site as we are terraced you can see out over the valley.

Fire wood

Yes we have fire wood here for you. We do sell it for $5.00 a bundle.

Great wifi finally

All right people, I think we finally have our wifi just about perfect! Worked on it all winter for you. Thank you for your patience.

New Hours

9am to12pm closed then 2pm to 5pm

Up grades for our park

We have done some new updates. We now have bigger showers in the ladies room .You can now have a safer
and more relaxed time by being able to fit your child and you in the shower stall. Now you know where your child is and you have more room to get dressed in. We made a nice sitting area in the laundry room. Added a jungle gym in our play ground.

Meet Your Hosts


Welcome to our KOA! We look forward to meeting you.

Welcome to our Mt. St. Helens KOA. We have been here now for six years and we have met so many wonderful people since we have been in the Pacific North West. We came with just one of our kids and now we have all four of them here. It's so wonderful to see the friendships that have happened for my grandkids - lasting friendships from different countries. We so love it here and, as they say, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change, and it does. So many wonderful things here in the PNW. Summers are nice and give you so many options; head to the lake, go to the ocean, or head to nearby cities like Portland or Seattle, both are great places. In the winter there is skiing and so many other things to do. So, from my family to yours, have a great time and we can't wait to meet you!