General Campground Information

Pet Policy

Pet Policy:
We love and welcome pets! At the South Bend/Elkhart KOA there is no breed restriction. Every dog or pet is welcome, as long as it doesn't show any aggressive behavior against any people, children or any other pets. It must be leashed at all times while outside, except if it is in one of our fenced-in dog runs together with and supervised by its owner. And you need to pick up after your pet. We understand dogs are barking occasionally but it has to be limited to a minimum and it needs to be controlled by its owner immediately, we don't tolerate excessive barking at all.
Pets are allowed in all cabins and deluxe cabins, however, there are special rules for pets staying in cabins. Every pet costs $10.00/day in deluxe or rustic cabins. Also a pet deposit of $50 is required if you travel with pets and stay in one of our rustic 1 or 2 room cabins. 

Cancellation Policy (exception to KOA national policy)

[b]HOLIDAYS[/b]: require a 2 night minimum stay, 7 days notice of cancellation and a cancellation fee of $10.00. 
[b]FOOTBALL[/b]: require a 2 night minimum stay, 7 days notice of cancellation and a cancellation fee of $10.00. 
[b]MONTHLY:[/b] require a deposit equal to the amount of 1st month stay, 14 days notice of cancellation and a cancellation fee of $100.00. 
Cancellations received after notice result in forfeiture of deposit paid! 

Independent web site

http://www.southbendkoa.comPlease also visit our independent webpage. Thank you.

Deluxe Cabins' Security Deposits

We are requiring a refundable deposit of $100 if you rent one of our deluxe cabins/lodges. If there is any damage to the cabin, we charge for replacement and/or labor for repair accordingly as per our charge sheet in the office. If there is more cleaning necessary in the cabin than usual wear and tear or there is evidence of smoking, we'll charge an additional cleaning fee of $75.

IMPORTANT: All cabin rentals have to be paid with credit card; we do NOT accept any other form of payment for cabin or deluxe cabins/lodge rentals!
You have to be at least 21 years old to rent and stay in a cabin or any site of our campground.

Visitors Policy

Your visitors are more than welcome in our park and can enjoy all the amenities we offer, from pool to free coffee. All visitors have to register in the camp store. There is a fee of $6/adult/day and $4/child/day payable at check in during our main season. During the off season, fees are $5/adult/day and $3/child/day. On football weekends, the visitor fee is $7.00 per additional person. Visitor cars have to be parked in our visitor parking and not at the camper's site. You can welcome up to 4 visitors at the same time at your site. Please be aware that your visitors have to leave the park by 10pm. Visitors are asked to obey the same guide lines like all other campers in our park.

Firewood Policy

This way we don't have to worry about any bugs and bacteria brought into our park, which would or could harm our trees. We love and care for our trees very much.
We sell well seasoned hardwood and fire starters in our store and deliver to your site for free.

Quiet Hours

Our quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am. No one likes a loud and rowdy camping neighbor, so please make sure you are respectful of our quiet hours. Basically, if your music, TV, talk or laughter can be heard at another campsite, sorry, then you are too loud. Thank you. We will come around at times and remind you politely!

Grass Mats

Even grass mats labeled "safe for grass" will kill it eventually. It just needs a couple of days to finish the grass off. And then you leave a muddy area to your following camper. Smaller doormats do the job to keep you and your family's feet, shoes and also your pets feet clean.
We just can't grow the grass fast enough, so please help us.  We and your fellow campers will appreciate it. Thank you.

Minimum Age

IMPORTANT: You have to be at least 21 years old to reserve, rent and/or stay in a RV site, tent site, cabin, deluxe cabin or any site on our campground.

Meet Your Hosts

Thomas Jetzer and Patricia Schenk-Jetzer

Every customer is unique, and we treat them that way!

Teamwork is what prompted Thomas Jetzer and Patricia Schenk to move from their homes in Switzerland to the United States. "We wanted to run our own company and to work in traveling or camping," said Patricia. Thomas was working as a car mechanic foreman for GM, and Patricia was the general manager at an RV rental company after the two immigrated to the United States in 2002. In 2005, they purchased the South Bend KOA and have since invested much of their lives into their business. "We are one big family," said Patricia.

According to Thomas and Patricia, the South Bend KOA proves customer service friendly, and everyone attempts to ensure a pleasant stay. "Every customer is unique and should be treated like that," added Patricia. Not only are the customers unique, the campground itself is commendable-renovations, scenery, and accommodations are what a camper would expect upon arrival. "Our beautiful cabin village, our gorgeous tall pine trees, and our remodeled store bring us the most pride," said Patricia.

True to their business, Thomas and Patricia love to camp and travel. "We have done more than 100,000 miles along the USA and have restored a 1973 GMC motor home to use it as often as possible," said Patricia.