General Campground Information

Pool Hours

The swimming pool for the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday is located at The Grand Lodge in the West Campground, and it is open from 10AM daily until dusk.  Guests are asked to shower before entering the pool area.  While the swimming pool is open for the most part all year, the pool is not normally heated unless a guest makes special arrangements to have the pool heated, which is expensive due to the amount of propane required to heat the pool (around $500-$900 for a weekend).  While there is a private hot tub available for The Grand Lodge guests only, we do not currently provide a heated hot tub to the entire campground.  Guests enjoying the swimming pool and all other amenities are required to obtain an armband from the KOA Store and sign waivers in order to utilize any amenity.  There are no lifeguards.  No persons under the age of 17 allowed in swimming pool area without parent or guardian. 

Store Hours

Our KOA Store is open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM, Saturdays 10AM to 6PM, and closed on Sunday.  Come check out the great offerings we have from unique candies, gifts, souvenirs, camping supplies, RV supplies, and camping 'must have' food and beverage supplies.  The kids will enjoy the in-house mining sluice activities that are available in the store with sand that includes nice gems in every bag as they explore.

Visitor Policy

Any unregistered guest must report to the KOA Store and obtain an armband and vehicle pass, and sign waivers in order to enter the Campground or to utilize any campground amenity.  The Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday wants to make sure that all guests, including visitors understand the rules and regulations for their safety as well as the safety of others.   Any person found in the campground who has not registered and obtained the proper passes will be considered trespassing, and any Guest harboring unauthorized persons will be asked to leave the campground immediately.  Contact the KOA Store for pricing of Visitor passes and armbands.

Check-In and Check-Out Times

RV and Tent Site Campers can come in as early as 12:00 Noon to enjoy our Campgrounds!  For Customers coming to enjoy our lodging, such as The Grand Lodge, The God's Country Lodge, our Log Cabins, Stone Cabins, Conestoga Wagons, and Tipi's, the check-in time is 4:00pm as our housekeepers need time to make sure your lodging is cleaned and stocked for your arrival.

Firewood Policy

Firewood is available for purchase at the KOA Store for only $8.95 per bundle.

Quiet Hours

The Quiet times for the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday is from 10pm to 6am every day.  While we want everyone to have a great time - all the time - we also want our guests to get a good night's sleep as well.  While we won't make you go to bed at 10pm, we do ask all of campers to keep the noise down and be respectful of other campers while staying with us.

Giant Duck & Swan Paddle Boats

One of the amenities that sets the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday apart from other campgrounds are our giant Yellow Duck and White Swan Paddle Boats that are available for rent.  These huge family size paddle boats are ideal for family participation and are located on each of the four ponds, both in the West Campground and the God's Country Campground.  These safe fiberglass boats can easily accommodate up to five people with the front two passengers providing the peddling.  Life vests are required at all times while on the boats and are available free of charge from the KOA Store.  The boats can be rented for a half-hour or by the hour.  Enjoy paddling around, or use the boats for catch & release fishing on all of our stocked ponds.  Contact the KOA Store for availability and to reserve your boat by calling (318) 309-4322.

Jumping Pillows

Get your jump on at the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday today!   There is a jumping pillow at both the West Campground near the Grand Lodge, and near Big Joe's Pond in our God's Country Campground.  As a valued guest, you can enjoy the jumping pillows from 10AM daily until dusk.  For the protection of our guests as well as to protect the pillows, No shoes allowed.  Guests must empty their pockets of all objects.  No somersaults or flipsAll children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while in the jumping pillow fenced area.  No food or drinks are allowed past the sandy crash zone surrounding each of the pillows.  Armbands must be worn at all times.

Gem Mining Sluice Activities

In addition to checking out all of the cool candies, souvenirs, camping supplies, and keepsakes available at the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday, our young and old campers will have a chance to go mining for gems right in our KOA Store!  Guests will have the option of purchasing Mine Rough bags from the KOA store that will contain assorted gemstone materials, including Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz Crystal, Fool's Gold, Amazonite, Carnelian, Septarian, Desert Jasper, Alligator Jasper, Fire Quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue/Green/Orange Calcite, Apatite, White Opal Labradorite, Petrified Wood, Rhodonite, and Selenite. Each economy bag will contain fool's gold and amethyst but bags will have different assortments of other gems. The more serious miners can purchase an Extra Hi-Grade Mine Rough that will contain certain gems that might include Agate Arrowheads, TV Rock, Crack-Open Geode, Peacock Ore, Agate Half, Mexico Material, Selenite, Tumbled Gemstones, Amethyst Druse, Peru Material, Quartz Crystal, Talc, Agate Slice, Pumice, Opitcal Calcite, Brazil Material, and much more.

Bathroom & Shower Facilities

At the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday want you to enjoy somewhat of a "Glamping" experience rather than just an ordinary campground bathroom.  That's why we have taken extraordinary steps exceed the strict guidelines set forth by KOA.  Both the West Campground as well as the God's Country Campground have family style bathrooms that were built to amaze our guests with tile showers equipped with rainmaker shower heads, and vanities that are made to impress.  Our guests are asked to provide their own towels unless they are staying in one of our lodging accommodations, such as our cabins, Conestoga Wagons, tipis, and lodges.  All guests are asked to clean up after themselves so that the restrooms are just as clean for other guests.  Our restrooms are cleaned and sanitized at least once a day by our housekeeping staff as well.  The bath house is located inside the Community Center of our West Campground (Building D) and across from the Conestoga Wagons in our God's Country Campground.  There are handicap accessible restrooms in each bath house as well.

Meet Your Hosts

Danny & Jackelyn Lawler

We are delighted that you have chosen the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday as your resort destination, where we hope that you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Danny and his wife Jackelyn, and children Levi and Joeli live on the property behind the West campus of the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday.  Danny has been a licensed auctioneer since 1995 and conducts auctions across the United States.  In 2016, he decided to build a small campground behind his auction facility starting out with only three cabins and 8 RV campsites, and opened up Gavel Falls Campground, a play of words from the auctioneer's gavel.  He soon would purchase adjacent property and expanded Gavel Falls, and in 2020 he bought out his brothers in a 53+ acre tract of inherited property left to them by their father, Joe Lawler.  The property, which sits high above the Soda Lake Wildlife Management Area would soon become Lawler's God's Country Mountain View Campground.  Danny had always dreamed of owning a premier KOA Campground and turning God's Country into a destination for campers to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere that only God's Country could provide.  In the fall of 2021, Danny contacted Kampgrounds of America and begged them to at least consider one of his campgrounds as a KOA.  After a site visit, KOA approved both campgrounds and they were converted into the Shreveport North / Caddo Lake Area KOA Holiday with both a West campus and an East Campus (God's Country) with a planned opening date of April 1, 2022.  Danny & Jacky wanted to provide more than just a campground, they wanted to provide originality and an opportunity for families to experience nature at its best, so they purchased Conestoga covered wagons, teepees, duck and swan paddle boats, peddle carts, jumping pillows, and even added barrel trains to their campgrounds.