Local Area Attractions Near Raystown Lake / Saxton KOA Holiday

Whether it's hiking at Trough Creek State Park or boating on Raystown Lake, the Raystown Lake / Saxton KOA has a lively list of activities within a twenty minute drive.  Your family will be able to relax and unwind from your daily routine of hustle and bustle under the canopy of trees on Terrace Mountain, part of the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains.  Bring your boots, boat, jet skis, kayak, mountain bike and fishing pole to really get the most out of your time at Raystown Lake, all part of historic Huntingdon County.  The camping staff offers assistance in helping you find local areas to visit and enjoy.  Use our campground as a base camp while you discover all the area has to offer.

Trough Creek State Park
Trough Creek State Park

The 554-acre Trough [troff] Creek State Park is a scenic gorge formed as Great Trough Creek cuts through Terrace Mountain and empties into Raystown Lake. Rugged hiking trails lead to wonders like Balanced Rock and Rainbow Falls. Rothrock State Forest and Raystown Lake Recreation Area border the park, making a large, continuous area of public land for recreation.

16362 Little Valley Road

Saxton, PA 16678



Tatman Run Day Use Area
Tatman Run Day Use Area

Tatman Run Beach is a small, sandy bottom beach tucked into a small cove off the main channel of the lake. A sand beach surrounds the swim area with a concrete access walkway. A slightly terraced open grass area sits just beyond the beach. Shade along the shoreline is limited and sunshades are recommended.

Tatman Run has a large pavillion that can be rented on a daily basis.Tatman Run is the only eastern shoreline launch and is only one of two launches located directly on the main channel of the lake.  This steep ramp can be tricky for new boaters.  With a nearby beach and picnic areas Tatman is also popular among families.Location: Eastern shoreline, at mile marker 20.
Directions:  From southbound Rt. 26 at Rt. 22, continue approximately 16 miles to the second blinking yellow light.  Turn left on Rt. 994 towards Tatman Run (marked by sign).  Continue another 4 miles.  Just past the Lake Raystown Resort, turn left into Tatman Run (marked by sign).

  • Open year-round, no winter maintenance
  • 60 trailer parking spaces at ramp
  • 22 single car spaces at ramp
  • Double Lane launch
  • Floating courtesy dock
  • Vault Restroom (pit toilets)
  • Drinking water access
  • Picnic tables & grills
  • Picnic shelter (reservation info here)
  • Beach (info here)
  • Terrace Mountain Trail access (info here)
  • Playground

Parking space designations: Two (2) trailer-length and one (1) single car spaces are designated for handicap parking only.  One (1) space is reserved for authorized vehicles only.  Boat trailers are not permitted to park in the beach parking lot.Shelter Parking:  Trailers are not permitted in the shelter parking lot under any circumstance.  Area visitors are requested not to use picnic shelter parking on summer weekends as the shelter is often reserved.Mooring:  Due to congestion and varied use at Tatman Run, mooring is restricted in certain areas.  Please take notice of the signs posted.


Raystown Lake
Raystown Lake

Almost everybody thinks that Raystown Lake is a town! In actuality, Raystown Lake is a reservoir in Huntingdon.  It is the largest lake that is entirely within Pennsylvania.  The original lake was built by the Simpson family of Huntingdon as a hydroelectric project. The current 8,300-acre (34 km2) Raystown Lake was completed in 1973 by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Raystown is around 200 feet (61 m) deep in the deepest area near the dam. The lake was created primarily to control floods, provide electricity, and support recreational activities.

There are many recreational opportunities around Raystown Lake. Much of the surrounding land is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and is not available for residential development. Because of this, summer homes were built near the lake rather than on the waterfront, and most of the lake remains undeveloped. This makes the experience of boating on the lake very different from many other lakes; the hills on the shores of the winding lake are blanketed right down to the water by the trees. Raystown has a fishery including largemouth bass, striped bass, smallmouth bass, muskellunge, walleye, pickerel, perch, calico bass, lake trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, bluegill, catfish, carp, white bass, rock bass, salmon and shad.

6145 Seven Points Road

Hesston, PA 16647



Port Side Rentals
Port Side Rentals

Located waterfront on Raystown Lake, Port Side Rentals offers a variety of rentals to get you out on the water or trails. Jet Skis/WaveRunners, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Pedal Boats, and Mountain Bikes are some of what we have to offer to complete your Raystown Lake vacation.   Located within Lake Raystown Resort Marina on the water in Buccaneers Bay. Parking is on the left side of the Marina parking lot.

3101 Chipmunk Crossing

Entriken, PA 16638




Several areas in Huntingdon County has fireworks celebrations during the holidays.  
Our local fireworks are five miles away.
Dates:  May 24, July 6 an September 6