Guide to Local Wildlife Around Quechee, Vermont

Guide to Local Wildlife Around Quechee, Vermont

Quechee, Vermont, is steeped in natural beauty, from forests to mountains and everything in between. When camping in the Quechee mountains, expect to see a variety of Vermont's local wildlife.

Wildlife Native to Vermont  

Vermont's forests and mountains are home to many birds, mammals and fish. 


There are over 200 native bird species in Vermont. Keep an eye out for:

  • The American Goldfinch: This bright yellow bird can be spotted all year round in the open grassy areas of Vermont. 
  • The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird: You can see this little beauty in the summer. Try to find them around trumpet-shaped flowers like thistle and jewelweed. 
  • The Eastern Bluebird: This sky-blue feathered bird is native to North America. Spotting this beautiful bird is considered a sign of good luck, and it can be found in grassy and agricultural lands. 


When you're hiking, you might run into some of these mammals: 

  • The eastern bobcat: This solitary wildcat is common throughout Vermont, but spotting one might be challenging. The eastern bobcat is usually active at dawn and dusk. If you do come across one, back away slowly and leave an escape route for them. 
  • The black bear: This is the only bear found in Vermont. They are also rarely seen, but if you encounter a black bear, it's important to stay calm. Back away from the situation and leave an escape route for the bear. You should only fight back if you're attacked in a tent or building. Bear spray is an excellent tool to have when you need to deter an aggressive bear. 
  • Moose: You can find this creature throughout Vermont feeding on water plants in ponds in the summer. Moose are not aggressive by nature, but if you end up close to one, talk calmly and back away. If it charges toward you, run to place as much distance between you and the moose as possible. If you can, get behind a solid object like a tree. 


The fish native to Vermont play an essential role in the health of the aquatic ecosystem. Some of the fascinating fish found in the state include: 

  • Brook trout: You can distinguish a brook trout by its adipose fin in front of its tail. These fish can be found in streams and ponds throughout Vermont. 
  • Landlocked salmon: This leaper is considered the most prized game fish in the Northeast. 
  • Lake trout: This fish can be found in deep cold lakes in the south and shallow lakes in the north. 

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Whether you're a bird watcher or take an interest in wildlife, you'll find that a camping experience in the Upper Valley of Central Vermont offers countless opportunities for sightings. 

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