General Campground Information

Electric Scooters

Guests are welcome to enjoy their electric scooters as long as they are 16 years old with a valid drivers license on them while riding. We are a public campground and this is a California state law. Kids will not be permitted to ride them on the grounds. We assure you they will have plenty of fun enjoying our mini golf, arcade, fun train, movie nights, and more!

Welcome to the Placerville KOA Campground!

In the information below we have highlighted some of the most frequently asked topics. We want you to understand that, when staying at our park, your experience is our absolute highest priority and we constantly strive to find ways to enhance your stay even more! Our park was built 25+ years ago, so for the last few years we have been in a constant state of updating & refurbishment. Your comfort is SO important to us, which is why we have added a brand new HD cable tv system, brand new high speed wifi system, we are in the process of building all brand new tables, and much more.

Over the last couple of years, we've added activities such as the movie nights, ping pong, foosball, additional arcade games, 22ft inflatable waterslide, etc. Guests are now welcomed at registration with free fresh made cookies. Free coffee is now offered anytime the store is open. Free popcorn and treats are available at movie nights. We've also removed many undesirable rules and included some activities that used to be an additional cost, such as mini-golf, into your camping experience.

We want you to have the most enjoyable time when staying at our park so that you'll return and maybe... just maybe... bring friends! If something isn't right then please approach management so we can fix this for you right away. When at our park YOU ARE OUR GUEST and WE CARE ABOUT YOU so please give us the opportunity to provide you a 5 star experience! 


John, Cindy, and Jay

Office & Store Hours

Sunday - Thursday 9:00am - 7:00pm
Friday & Saturday 9:00am - 8:00pm

These are our minimum winter hours. Typically open 365 days per year with shortened hours on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.
During prime season we close at 8pm midweek and 9pm weekends at the earliest.

Check-in/Check-out Times

Check-in Time is 2pm

Check-out Time is 11am

We truly appreciate the majority of our guests arriving and leaving in accordance with our check-in/check-out times. The short time period between check-out at 11am and check-in at 2pm affords our staff the ability to make it to each site to prepare for the next guest. This often involves raking leaves, cleaning bbq grills, picking up loaner fire pits, micro trash pickup, dusting picnic tables, etc. It's a lot to accomplish in a short time period.

That said, we don't want arriving or departing our park to be an inconvenience for our guests. If you arrive a little early and the space is available then we will be happy to check you in early at no additional fee. If you are running a little late on departure then we can often provide a little extra time for you to pack up your belongings or enjoy a last minute activity.  Just talk with us, we want each of our guests to have a memorable and stress free stay!

Late Checkout

I'm sorry, we do not currently offer late checkout at a fee. Please see our notes in the check-out topic above for some helpful details. If you do need to stay in the area (off the grounds) for a few extra hours then we usually permit guests to park their rigs in one of our long parking spaces. This provides you a safe place to dry park your rig at no additional fee in an effort to be accommodating.

If this isn't convenient, we invite you to enjoy another night with us. Without feeling rushed, you'll be able to take full advantage of all the exciting things our campground and local area has to offer.

Pool & Hot Tub

Our swimming pool and hot tub are open 9am to at least 8pm year round, depending on the weather. Our pool is not heated but we do maintain it throughout winter for our adventurous guests delight (yes, it gets COLD).

Swimmers must be accompanied by someone over 14 years old to enter the pool area. 

The hot tub can be enjoyed by all guests over 5 years old.

Freeway Noise

Our campground was built right off Highway 50 as a convenience for overnight guests heading towards the mountains. When making reservations for our park it should be clear to you and others in your party that you are intentionally choosing our park knowing it is located adjacent to a highway. You are expecting to hear road noise. For the majority of our guests this is not bothersome enough to hamper the many great features our park offers and experience we provide. 

If you find highway noise repulsive when camping then please select a park that is not located adjacent to a freeway. This will ensure that you enjoy your stay at whatever park you choose and that our guests can rate our park fairly to us. We LOVE guest feedback. We are constantly making changes accordingly and strive to provide the best guest experience possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to relocate our park away from a freeway. Please understand this.

If you are a very light sleeper then we are happy to provide free earplugs upon request. If the freeway does bother you then we would also love the opportunity to move you to an available site further from the freeway. Your comfort is of the highest importance to us!


Due to a county restriction we are unable to allow wood fires at the individual campsites. We do have a group wood fire ring available for our guests to share. If you would like a private fire then you are welcome to use Duraflame logs or charcoal in your grill. You are also welcome to bring your own fire pit (legs required) to use Duraflame logs or charcoal in (propane models also allowed). If you don't have your own fire pit then don't worry... we'll loan you one of ours! Just inquire about availability at the front desk or put in a request when making your reservation. We typically stock Duraflame "Roasting Logs" in our store which are made specially for cooking marshmallows etc without the harmful chemicals. They make a very realistic campfire experience!

At times our park might be on wood fire restriction by the county due to extreme fire danger without warning.


Adult & Child Fee: $5
Senior Fee: $2

Hours 9am-9:30pm

Visitors are welcome. ALL visitors must stop at the office to register before proceeding into our campground to ensure the safety of our guests. Visitors are charged the fee per day regardless of how long they stay or what facilities they use. Ages 3 and under are free. You are welcome to prepay visitor fees before they arrive if you like. Visitors must park in the designated visitor parking lots and not at your site, regardless if there is room, unless otherwise instructed. 

All visitors receive a fresh baked cookie and are welcome to use our wifi as well as enjoy all the same facilities as our guests. This includes free coffee, mini-golf, and movie nights with free goodies!


We love dogs! We have just finished building a GIANT Camp K9 for them! Unfortunately, our insurance company prohibits American Bulldog, American Pit Bull, Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, or any mixes of these breeds from being on the property. Please understand, this is not a personal choice to single out a specific breed but a common insurance requirement. Any dog that shows any form of aggression regardless of breed will not be allowed in the park as well.

Dogs must be kept on a short leash at ALL times except when visiting inside the dog park.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours: 10pm - 9am

Friday & Saturday Movie Nights Exceed Quiet Hours. We start the movie as early as the light/projector/screen allows us but, unfortunately, this much beloved park feature can go pretty late during summer hours. The movie volume is often heard throughout most of the park. If this is an issue for you, please reserve early and request a site furthest from this activity. 

Our posted quiet hours is a good time for all families grouped up on sites to disburse back to their own camp sites. RV, Cabin, and Tent walls are very thin, so light voices or laughter really tends to travel even though guests work hard to prevent it. Our night host is instructed to visit ALL sites with guests still enjoying the outdoors after 10pm at night regardless if they are loud or not. We find that if we remind everyone of quiet voices and to turn off electronic equipment then nobody feels singled out or offended. We want ALL of our guests to be comfortable, including you, so this is not intended as a way of policing.

Cable TV

We offer 23 pristine HD cable tv channels! All sites marked as having cable tv should be working fantastic! If you have any issues at all, please contact the front office for assistance and we will get it working for you.


We do offer propane at our park. Propane is not offered 24/7 since certified staff are required to legally pump the propane. We can't legally pump in the dark or in the rain. 

Hours are generally 9am - 3pm. Most Tuesdays and Sundays we don't pump in the winter.

Always ask in the event of an emergency. Your comfort is of the highest priority for us and we will do everything in our power to help you!


Anytime there are 3 or more families traveling together it is considered a group and must be reserved through our group coordinator via email at [email protected]. Even if you plan to reserve individually, this will still be regarded as a group. Group reservations made online or over the phone without going through our group coordinator will be automatically canceled. Please, if you are traveling with more than 3 families total, make sure to email the group coordinator to prevent cancelations.

The reason we do groups ONLY via email is so that we can have one individual coordinate it all, receive and relay the rules, and track all the details from both parties. The reason we don't allow groups to reserve individually is for many reasons, starting with the cancellation policy. If we have 8 parties reserve sites and cancel within the normal 48 hour cancellation policy, this will cause great loss to the campground. Instead, groups have a different cancellation policy. Another reason is that this ensures your groups site numbers get locked in and kept together, which we are unable to do with regular reservations. There are many more reasons but by reserving properly as a group this will be the best way for your needs to be met and keep everything nicely organized.

We typically do not offer group discounts. We do accept groups and have had countless large and small groups over the years, but we encourage families to travel individually or with a friend to our park. This allows you to take advantage of all the features our park offers, such as movie nights, train rides, fishing, arcade, you name it. Often times, in larger group settings, these features end up regrettably missed, which is a large part of the value and uniqueness our park offers.

Meet Your Hosts

Placerville KOA Campground is family run by 3 generations of Simoneau's focused on making sure all guests feel welcomed and providing them a GREAT KOA experience!

The Placerville KOA Campground in California was a dream of John Simoneau's to build, own, and manage a fun and unique camping experience working with his family. The campground opened in 1992 and has been mostly family run since with 3 generations of Simoneau's currently working at the park.Over the last few years John, Cindy, and John Jr have formed quite the dynamic management team working seamlessly together. They have won both the highly coveted KOA Founders & KOA Presidents awards for the past 3 years in a row. John is THE BOSS and oversees extended stays, maintenance, and day to day operations. Cindy is the group coordinator, handles the majority of staffing, as well as overseeing the cleaning of the spotless bathrooms and cabins our campground is famous for. John Jr also oversees day to day operations, maintenance, activities, online presence, and is responsible for managing our guest satisfaction.

In addition to the KOA brand mission; Their mission is as follows:

"Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, and friendly camping experience that is expected from a KOA campground. We welcome families as our guests and treat them as our guests. We have a goal and we have a purpose; to present the best possible environment for family or friends to create meaningful memories that will last a lifetime. These efforts will ensure that our guests will recommend KOA to others."