Please read IMPORTANT Covid-19 Information:

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WELCOME & Smile, you are on vacation!

Covid-19, 2020 & 2021 have presented our world with many, many challenges! We are looking on the positive side of things, because camping is a recreation that can be done safely and also be incredibly fun at the same time. Please remember to be open minded and respectful as you travel. This is new territory for all of us. Here is some info about our award winning park during these unprecedented times:

We care deeply about the health & safety of our campers. To ensure this, we are working diligently with our provincial and municipal authorities to comply with all of the Covid-19 guidelines. We are open & running smoothly & safely.

Our washrooms (including showers), playground and mini golf are all open. We have strict maximum number occupancies in place, as well as social distancing, as per the directives of the Ontario government. 

We are asking that priority consideration be given to the cabins & tent trailers for the washrooms/showers. We encourage the self contained RV's and Deluxe Cabin campers to use their own onboard washrooms.

Our Visitor Policy:
Visitors - Important INFO:

While we are in Stage One (around 3 weeks) we will NOT be allowing Visitors. Registered guests only. Please don't call us about your particular visitor situation as it is cut and dry. Meanwhile, we encourage you to plan ahead and bring who you want to camp with in your vehicle or have them reserve their own site in order to avoid disappointment. 
We suspect that this policy will change as more and more of our population gets vaccinated and herd immunity develops. 
It is not business as usual, but we are getting close to our new normal.  

Registered campers ONLY are permitted on our grounds & all vehicles must be registered with their license plate# & then have a car tag . 

We have made an investment for your safety and ours by purchasing a contact surface fogger that we are using in all of our public areas, such as washrooms and all cabins. This is another way we are going above and beyond to ensure safety and cleanliness 
We ask our campers to do your part to please remember to practice Social distancing measures, follow Covid-19 etiquette at all times and remember there is an active Pandemic still taking place. For more revolving info: Please stay tuned here and on our FB page. 

In kindness & friendship,
The Parry Sound KOA Team