How to Prepare Your RV's Exterior for Storage

How to Prepare Your RV's Exterior for Storage

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Getting your RV ready for storage is an important maintenance task you don’t want to skip. While there are many things to think of, prepping your RV’s exterior is a critical step. Learn how to prepare your rig’s exterior for storage to avoid damage and keep you ready to roll when the weather heats up.

Top Tips From This Video

  • Make sure you clean the roof before storing to help extend the life of your roofing material
  • Wash the exterior starting at the top and working your way down
  • Inspect all seams and sealants to check for cracks or openings that could results in leaks and expensive repairs
  • Clean all awning fabrics and let dry completely prior to storing
  • Lubricate all hinges and latches
  • Lubricate door and compartment door latches with graphite spray
  • Cover LP gas appliance vents to prevent insects from making their home inside these vents – just make sure to remove the covers in the spring
  • Ideally, store your RV in a covered, solid surface
  • If you don’t have covered storage, consider purchasing an RV cover

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