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We are excited to host extended stay guests from October 1st to April 1st. At Nashville North KOA, we value creating a community where families and singles feel safe and comfortable. To achieve this, 100% of our extended stay guests have passed background checks. Please contact our friendly guest services team at 615-859-0348 for more information!

About Extended Stay Camping

How long is an extended stay camping trip? That’s up to you! Some campers spend 30 days, others stay all winter. Whatever your style, an extended stay camping trip could be just what you need.

  • Camping sites for extended stays are available in a range of styles to meet your camping needs.
  • We offer long-term RV parking on our clean, level sites. (Availability dependent on time of year).
  • Our sites feature 30-amp and 50-amp service to match your RV power system.
  • Full hookups make it easier to stay long-term, with a direct connection to sewer, water and electricity. Your RV will feel just like home. 
  • If you’re looking for reliability, friendly faces and quality amenities, Nashville North KOA has you covered. It’s about making memories, connecting with friends and family and exploring Nashville's sights and sounds. 
  • KOA is a community. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you pull up. You can see it in the friendly smiles behind the yellow shirts. You notice it in the helping hand you get from our experienced staff.
  • When you stay a little longer than normal, you will get to know your fellow extended-stay campers. Let our KOA become your temporary neighborhood while you’re away from home.

Benefits of Extended Stay Camping

Why should you choose long-term camping? Extended stay campgrounds give you a unique way to explore the country with several perks along the way. Here are a few reasons to camp during your extended time away from home.

  • Cost savings: The costs of staying in a hotel or renting a vacation home add up quickly, especially when you stay for longer than a week. Camping is a much more affordable lodging option, no matter how you choose to stay. All those savings leave you with more money to explore Nashville or stay even longer. 
  • Escape the cold: Just because you live in a northern area doesn’t mean you have to freeze all winter long. Pack up the RV and head to our southern KOA location to escape the cold.
  • Extended adventures: Some people see enough in a week to satisfy their travel cravings, but you may want more. Long-term campgrounds let you continue the adventure for a few weeks or even a few months. Whether you stay in one place or travel across the country, our convenient KOA location gives you a place to stay during your extended vacation.
  • Change of scenery: Tired of seeing the same old things outside your window? Camping long-term gets you out of that rut, regardless of the time of year.  An extended stay lets you explore and experience the new location fully.
  • Camping fun: If you enjoy short camping trips, an extended stay is a perfect way to keep the fun going. When you stay at our KOA campground for your longer vacation, you get easy access to all that nature and Music City has to offer, along with the great amenities of the campground.


What Should I Pack?

Packing takes some time — especially when you’re gone for an extended period. Remember to bring anything you might need for the entire duration of your trip. Some things are easy to buy along the way, such as extra toiletries. Others aren’t so easy to replace, like prescriptions or important documents .Here’s a general list of things to pack:

  • Gear and maintenance Items: Be sure to bring all of your hoses, cords and leveling gear. It's also a good idea to bring along a kit of common tools and parts needed for regular maintenance and minor repairs.
  • Cooking items: Pack up your camp stove, pans, utensils, portable grill and other cooking gear. Nashville North KOA campsites have fire pits for cooking, and some sites include grills.
  • Clothing: Your destination is the biggest factor in what type of clothing you pack. Even if you’re a snowbird heading south for warmer weather, you may still want to pack some warm clothes for chilly nights. Nashville can get chilly!
  • Personal items: Add any toiletries, medications and other personal items you’ll need during your stay.
  • Bedding and towels: Be sure to pack enough towels, sheets and blankets for your trip.
  • Important paperwork: Since you’ll be gone for an extended period, don’t forget any important paperwork or documentation. Bring your ID, insurance cards and emergency contact information. If you’ll be gone past April 15, bring your tax paperwork so you can file on time.
  • Laundry supplies: With an extended stay, you can expect to have some laundry to do. Our KOA locations offer self-service laundry facilities, so you won’t have to go far for clean clothes and linens. Bring a laundry basket or bag, detergent, dryer sheets and any other laundry supplies you use regularly.

Come Experience Our Amenities...

The amenities set KOA apart from the competition. There is something for everyone! If your kids or grandkids come to visit, take them to our pool. Don't feel like making breakfast in the morning? Head to our Saturday Morning Breakfast at the pavilion. Your furry family member will also feel right at home with our pet-friendly Kamp K9 dog park. Check out these great amenities for your extended stay:

  • On-site convenience store: Don’t worry about packing months’ worth of supplies. With our on-site stores, you can pick up the essentials when you need them.
  • Laundry facilities: Thanks to our on-site self-service laundry facility, you won’t have to pack a lot of clothes if you don’t want to. You’ll appreciate having access to washers and dryers for your longer stays.
  • Kamp K9TM: Does your camping crew include a furry member? The Nashville North KOA Kamp K9TM (say that 10 times fast!) dog park gives your pet a place to run, play and explore safely. Call us for more information on pet policies and amenities.
  • Clean restrooms: Our housekeeping team makes sure you have a clean bathroom so that your extended camping trip is more pleasant and convenient. Jump in for a nice hot shower after a day of work or exploring.
  • Activities: Our campground offers shuffleboard, a pool, a concert pavilion and more. Explore Nashville to experience some of the world's best music, southern food, universities and more. 
  • Relaxation: Many of our campsites and cabins include patios, fire pits and porch swings for a little relaxation during your stay.
  • Special activities: Check the schedule to find out about special activities. These include live music, food trucks, biscuits and gravy breakfasts, Saturday Yoga, wine tastings, DIY crafting, group games and themed nights. Anyone can participate — don’t be shy! It’s the perfect way to meet some of your fellow long-term campers.

Interested in learning more? We'd love to speak with you. Please contact our friendly guest services team at 615-859-0348 for more information!