10 Interesting and Fun Facts About Lake Michigan

10 Interesting and Fun Facts About Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is an excellent place to visit whenever you want to relax and have fun with your family and friends. Enjoy various activities at the lake, from swimming and fishing to hiking and camping. 

Learn more about the area before your trip with these fun facts about Lake Michigan.

1. Lake Michigan Has Its Own Bermuda Triangle

Like the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, Lake Michigan seemingly has its own phenomenon, the “Michigan Triangle”. The area goes from Ludington to Benton Harbor and is said to be responsible for countless mysterious boat disappearances and occurrences.

2. Results of the Ice Age Created Lake Michigan

Evidence shows that The Great Lakes were actually formed by glaciers that melted after the last Ice Age. Increasing global temperatures during this time caused glaciers to drift and scrape the earth, resulting in the formation of the lake basins. As temperatures continued to increase, the glaciers then fully melted, creating The Great Lakes we know and love today. 

3. Home to the Largest Freshwater Sand Dunes in the World

Lake Michigan has the world's largest protected freshwater sand dunes, housing the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The tallest dune at the Sleeping Bear Dunes is about 450 feet tall.

4. The Name “Michigan” Comes From Native American Tribes

The term “Michigan” originated from indigenous words like “mishigamaw” in Algonquin, “mishigami” in Ojibwa and "meicigama" in Chippewa. The indigenous words translate to “great water” or “big lake.”

5. Some People Consider Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to Be One Lake

Some people think Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are one lake because the Straits of Mackinac connect them. If they were to become one lake, it would be the largest in the world!

6. The Only Great Lake Within U.S. Territory Is Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake fully surrounded by U.S. land. It borders four states —  Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. The other four lakes share borders with Canada.

7. Lake Michigan Is the Third-Largest Great Lake

Of all the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan is the third largest. It ranks within the top 10 largest lakes in the world.

8. Lake Michigan Has Petoskey Stones

One of the only places you can find Petoskey stones is along Lake Michigan's shores. Look around the northern area of the lake and its islands for the rocks.

9. There Is a Historic Tugboat Graveyard on the Lake's Shores

Numerous abandoned tugboats line the shallow waters near the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

10. Lake Michigan Is Home to Hundreds of Shipwrecks

There are many preserved wrecked ships and vessels in Lake Michigan, including a B-17 bomber aircraft from World War II.

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