General Campground Information

RV Sites

Only one camping unit per site.  No tents are allowed on RV sites.  We also do not allow mats or rugs on the grass.

Tent Sites

Check in and set up for tent sites will need to be before 8:00 pm.  Maximum stay, 7 days.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation, please call the campground before the deadlines listed below to receive your deposit refund, minus a $10 cancellation fee. 
Text and email notifications of cancellations are not acceptable.

RV & Tent Sites: 48 hours cancellation notice is required.  Notify your KOA by 4 p.m. two days before your scheduled arrival.

Camping & Deluxe Cabins:  7 days cancellation notice required.  Please notify your KOA one week before your scheduled arrival.

Reservations made after these deadlines require nonrefundable deposits.  Cancellations made after deadlines will result in forfeiture of all deposits.

Holidays and Special Events: 7 day cancellation notice required.  Please notify the campground one week before your scheduled arrival.

Visitor Policy

All visitors must register at the office and pay the appropriate fee and display their hang tag.  Visitors must leave by 10:00 pm.

Store Hours

Monday - Thursday  9am - 8 pm
Friday - Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

Check-In and Check-out times

For RV Sites:  Check-In is 1:00 pm and Check-out is 12:00 pm-Noon.
For Tent Sites:  Check-In is between 1:00 pm and 8:00 PM, Check-out is 12:00 PM, noon.
For Cabins:  Check-In is 2:00 pm and Check-out is 12:00 pm, noon.

Firewood Policy

We do not allow outside firewood to be brought into campground unless is has been inspected or purchased bundled with the appropriate documentation.
We do have firewood for sale and we will deliver to your site.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are 10:00 pm  to 8:00 am.