We are open for reservations for the 2021 season with restrictions.

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 *******************************************************************COVID 19 Campground Guidelines

  • Maintain at least a 6' foot distance from other individuals (other than immediate family)
  • Limit gatherings to a maximum of ten (10) people
  • Stay on your own campsite and avoid having guests within your camper
  • Wearing masks is encouraged if you are in a high-risk group or will be socializing with someone who is, unless you have a medical reason for not doing so
  • Frequent hand washing with warm water and antibacterial soap is recommended
  • Do not shake hands and cover sneezes or coughs with your sleeve or elbow
  • Disinfect door handles and counter tops frequently
  • No outside visitors are allowed.  

            Only campers with confirmed reservations are allowed on the campground until further notice!
  • Playgrounds are open.  Social distancing guidelines are still in place, so please maintain an appropriate distance from other campers.  Please use hand sanitizer when entering or leaving the playground.  Be courteous to other campers and limit playground time to 30 minutes IF other children are waiting to play. 
  • The pavilion bathhouse is open.  Please limit usage to three people at a time (unless from the same household) and wash hands with warm water and soap before exiting.  Doors may be propped open to allow fresh air to circulate.  The bathhouse will be closed for cleaning and sanitizing from 12p – 1p daily. 
  • The pool is open.  PLEASE READ POSTINGS AT THE POOL ON LIMITS.  Please shower before entering the pool.  The main bathhouse is now open; please limit occupancy to three persons at a time, unless from the same family.
  • The game room is open.  Please limit occupancy to ten people and utilize the hand sanitizer provided before and after playing each game.