Cottonwood Seaon

If you're at all familiar with cottonwood trees, you know they have sticky seeds that eventually open on cotton. We are currently in the sticky seed stage of spring here at the KOA. These seeds get stuck on the bottom of your shoes and in your pets paws. They DO NOT damage paint on vehicles or RV's. They do tend to tint our showers yellow while they are falling. 

Once they turn into cotton, you'll want to check your A/C vents as you get ready to leave as well as any other air intakes to make sure they are clear of cotton. You'll be able to tell that they turned as it will look like it's snowing even if it's 80 degrees out! 

We do maintain the trees twice a season in an attempt to cut back on the amount of seeds that we have to deal with while trying to not take down too may trees. We thank you for your understanding. 

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