Campground Updates

Hi Everyone,

We would like to thank our guests for a wonderful Memorial weekend.  We also would like to apologize to the guests that were not as happy as we would have liked.

I would just like to draw attention to a few things.

We recently updated our sewer lines which was difficult to do between April and May with Spring Break and Memorial weekend there was a lot of digging, and water had to be turned off a few times.  We apologize to our customers for this inconvenience,  but we need our sewer to work properly.  The items removed that had our sewer system clogged were: towels, clothing, toys, baby bottles, diapers, and LOTS AND LOTS OF GREASE..

We try to reiterate that we are NOT ON THE LAKE.  We are about 15 minutes from Lake Isabella and about 20 minutes from Kern River.  Both places are fabulous to visit with lots of fun activities for the family to enjoy, but neither are in our backyard.  We also have a preserve that we used to be able to access from the playground area that has been closed by the forestry service while they try to get the vegetation to regrow.  The access point is about a 1/2 mile down the street, past the cement plant with a sign that says South Fork State wildlife area. This is an easy hiking spot/pet friendly as well.

The BLM land is right across the street from us which is easy access for motorcycles, ATV's, Razors etc. Please know you are allowed to ride in and ride out of the KOA campground, but you are not allowed to ride inside the campground this is to dangerous for everyone.  We would appreciate your help in abiding by this rule.

Quiet hours.  This seems to be the hardest thing to manage and we try!!!  We know that people come camping to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle and then there are the people that get together with friends and want to party the night away.  We truly understand everyone's point of view.. However there are rules in place for a reason and that is so that everyone can have an enjoyable stay.  It never seems to matter how many times we speak to grown adults, they will continue to do what they want regardless of the rules.  We are just asking everyone to please be respectful of your neighbor!!!

Wildlife... We are surrounded by fields on all four sides.. We have coyotes in the area, we have squirrels, mice, snakes and an abundance of baby birds right now.  This is nature people !!!!

We love our guests, we appreciate each and everyone of you that spend your hard earned money here at our KOA. If there is ever anything that we can help you do to have a more memorable experience please come to the front desk and ask.  We are here for you.

Blessings from our KOA family to yours! Please travel safe and Happy Camping.

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