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Great Tarantula Migration! Photo

Great Tarantula Migration!

Each year – in the fall – tarantulas appear en masse in the Comanche National Grassland in Southeast Colorado, just south of La Junta.  Yes, tarantulas - thousands of them!  The large, hairy spiders and all species found in Colorado are generally dark brown to black.  The spiders, which are of the Oklahoma brown variety, are common in Southeast Colorado because the females like to make their burrows in undisturbed prairie rangeland. Those females then stick close to their burrows for the entirety of lives, which can be 25 years long.  The male tarantulas — when they reach about 8 years old — gang up in groups and set out, using their senses of touch and vibration to locate the females.For species that are present in Southeast Colorado, the migration of the adult males take place from late August through September (into early October) and it is at this time of the season when Colorado tarantulas are most often observed.

Viewing Tips

Contact the Comanche National Grassland Resource Office for ideal viewing locations in and around La Junta at (719) 384-2811 or for additional information.