VistaDome Railcar Lodging Project Underway!

Our 1954 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy VistaDome lounge/sleeper passenger railcar lodging remodel project is underway!  Pre-Amtrak, there were only 226 VistaDome cars made in the United States from the mid-40's to the mid 50's.  Upon completion, this will be the only VistaDome lodging car in the country!  The car is 86 feet long and 15'10" tall, with a 25' long dome.  It will be transformed into two lodging units, each having a bedroom with a queen bed in the dome.

12/1/22 Update:  The concrete pads for the entryway staircases are being poured next week, with the staircases being fabricated by Muth Customs of Rocky Ford, Colorado.  The utility lines will be trenched in over the next two week as well.  Windows have been ordered, and we will be finishing the internal demolition over the month...!

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