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Vista-Dome Railcar "Frontier Zephyr" Lodging Project!


Our second railcar to lodging project, our 1954 CB&Q #304 Vista-Dome streamliner lounge/sleeper passenger railcar lodging remodel, is underway!  Pre-Amtrak, there were only 236 Vista-Dome cars made in the United States from the mid-40's to the mid 50's.  Upon completion, this will be the only...

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Hiking in Vogel Canyon


Hiking in Vogel Canyon Vogel Canyon is a hidden gem situated in southeast Colorado in the Comanche National Grasslands. Here, travelers can take in the natural landscape while learning about the rich history that surrounds this area — specifically the ancient native petroglyphs.This area offers a...

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Swimming Pool will re-open on Friday, April 28, 2023!


Our swimming pool will re-open on Friday, April 28, 2023!  Our new 9' waterslide created a big splash last year, so give it a try!

The Tarantula Trek in Colorado


The Tarantula Trek in ColoradoFor some, an annual tarantula trek, formerly known as the tarantula migration, may inspire anxiety. These arachnids are, however, fascinating. Every year the male tarantulas leave their burrows and crawl over the lands in search of “the one.” It is a phenomenon that is...

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Stay in Style Inside a 1928 Railroad Caboose!


Whether you are a history buff or looking for fun vacation ideas, the Cool Caboose at La Junta KOA Journey is sure to satisfy you. The caboose vacation rental has plenty of room for a family and has deep local roots as its railroad line traveled directly through La Junta. If you seek adventure, grab...

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Many Playground Improvements for 2020!


We have added a merry-go-round, two dinosaur spring riders, a water fountain and corn-hole toss games to our playground, all now watched over by a big dinosaur!