Visit the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park

Visit the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park

With its diverse trails and picture-perfect landscapes, the Eastern Townships is a wonderful place for horseback riding enthusiasts. At the center of horseback riding culture is Bromont's Olympic Equestrian Centre. This lovely site sits on the slopes of Mont Brome in the heart of Bromont, Quebec, inspiring local riders and allowing them to rub shoulders with the world's most elite equestrian athletes. 

Whether you want to explore the forests, mountains and sprawling fields atop a gorgeous horse or take in a world-class horse show, it's time to start planning your visit to Bromont.

A Brief History of Horseback Riding in Bromont

Horseback riding in Bromont can be traced back to the early 1970s when the city of Montreal was planning to host the 21st Olympic Games. At this time, the city of Bromont offered to serve as the site for all the equestrian events. Thus, the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park was built in preparation for the 1976 Games. 

Since then, the local Equestrian Park has preserved its status as one of the premier competition grounds in North America, hosting events and horse shows of the highest caliber. It continues to evolve and has served as a remarkable asset to up-and-coming equestrian athletes throughout the province. Today the former Olympic site features three large competition rings, an expansive steeplechase track, numerous training areas and a beautiful horse barn with 80 stalls. 

While the Olympic Equestrian Centre may be the showcase of Bromont's horseback riding culture, it is by no means the only opportunity for horseback riding enthusiasts. The region continues to grow in popularity due to its great trails where you can enjoy breathtaking views atop a horse. 

Top Horse Show Spots and Horseback Riding Destinations

If you are a horse lover, then your visit to Bromont is sure to be filled with world-class riding shows and lots of opportunities for your own horseback adventures. 

Bromont's Olympic Equestrian Park features some of Canada's best horse shows. Here you can witness an incredible array of horseriding disciplines including Dressage, Show Jumping, Hunter horse shows and combined events. The Equestrian Centre plays host to:

  • The International Bromont
  • Bromont Autumn Classic
  • The Bromont International Driving
  • The Bromont CCI
  • A variety of regional horse shows

If you are interested in wandering the beautiful trails that crisscross the Eastern Townships, opportunities abound. Several local ranches can provide you with a well-trained horse and offer expert horseback riding guidance to start you on your way. 

Start Planning Your Horseback Riding Vacation Today

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