General Campground Information

Check In and Check out time

Store/Office Hours : Sunday- Monday 9am- 6pm.
Check-in time is 12:00 pm.
Check- out time for all sites 11:00 am.
Late check out fee of $15.00, subject to availability 
Additional nights must be registered before 11 am on date of departure. 
All fees are based on 2 people/ 1 Vehicle / 2 pets, fees apply for extra people, pets and vehicles.

Please observe the SPEED LIMIT at all times.


Fishing is open to the public for all to enjoy. Creating memories is an affodable luxury at only $6 per person, all ages. No license is required at the bass ponds at KOA Lake which is strictly catch-n-release only supporting the natural development of the existing trophy Florida Hybrid population and food supply.

You can keep what your catch at the Nueces River Park and a Texas Fishing License is required because it's a public waterway. With over 2,000 feet of private shoreline, you're bound to find your very on honey hole! Camping and Fishing in Texas go hand-n-hand, so book your campsite today!

Some of our RV camping guest fishermen have caught some real whoppers like a 4ft gator gar at the river and an 8.5lb bass in the pond!

Pool Hours 9am-9pm

The pool is available for registered guests only and requires a parking permit displayed at all times. For the comfort of all guests, we don't allow any type of food or snacks inside the pool area because it causes trash to get in the pool pump and the crumbs and mess creates a real ant fiasco! We also do not allow glass, running, smoking, vaping, alcohol or obsenities in the pool area. Fun is still allowed!

Visitor Policy

Visitors are always welcome, however all guests and visitors must register at the front desk and display a valid parking permit in windshield while on premise. Management reserves the right to limit and restrict access to unregistered camping guests without notice. Fees are $5/pp and $3/vehicle.

Pet Policy

Only responsible pet owners with 1-2 free pets are welcome in the campground. Pets must be registerd and there is a fee of $3 for each additional pet beyond the 2nd pet. Dogs must be on a leash and accompanied by the owner at all times and never tied up or left unattended. Noisy pets will get 1 written warning and additional complaints will not be tolerated. Pets showing territorial and/or aggressive behavior will be removed from the park immediately without notice for safety reasons. When walking your dog, please be prepared with poop bags and clean up after your pet immediately without delay or hesitation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Free Daily Trash Collection

For camper convenience we now offer daily curbside trash valet at every campsite. Leave your trash out between the hours of 6am and 11am in a tied up trash bag at he edge of the driveway. Don't leave it out overnight or the coons will make a mess and don't leave loose trash that can blow around. Don't leave it out after 11am or it may not get picked up at all. We pick up the trash right after 11am. Cig Butts, bottle caps, and trash on the ground is considered littering and there is a $25 per occurrence for littering. We offer sand filled cans for smokers upon request subject to availability. If you miss the trash collection then you can find the dumpster behind the fence at the shop area after row D.

Appearance Rule

We use the 10 year appearance marker as a rule of thumb for monthly discounted sites, however, some units are attractive even if they are decades old. So if your unit is older than 10 years it will need manager approval upon arrival. This rule is waived for nightly guests. Generally, if your RV is in good repair, minmally faded, clean, has its wheel coverings and proper window coverings then it will probably be accepted. Window units and aluminum foil and dented siding is not allowed in the park. Site must be clean and free of debris and there is a list of approved items that may be withing your site. When in doubt please ask or you may receive a notice listing your exact items in violation of our site appearance rule.

Window units and extension cords will be back charged from your date of arrival a fee of $3 per day without notice, no exceptions. Our electrical system is strictly engineered to handle a maximum of up to 50amps per site so if you plug a 50amp cord and a 20amp extension cord it will risk damages that will be incurred at your expense. Guest assumes all risk of property damages when you exceed our electrical requirements. When in doubt please contact the front desk for assistance.

Hunting is Not Allowed!

Hunting by gun, bow, trapping or other means is strictly prohibitted. This is a campground open to the public, not your hunting ranch. Anyone could be exploring, fishing or camping which puts our customers at risk if you decide to discharge a weapon on premise at anytime. There is NO HUNTING, expressed or implied.

All guests must stay within the boundaries of the campground as tresspassing onto neighboring ranches is strictly prohibitted under any circumstances without express written consent by the property owner. Without proof of permission in writing, you and your guests will be subject to immediate ejection without a refund.

Meet Your Hosts

Jason & Marisa

"Camping is calling and we are here for you"

Welcome! We are glad to have you as our guest. We are truly thankful that you have chosen Cotulla/Nueces River KOA to be your camping place. On behalf of the entire team we extend you a very warm welcome and trust your stay with us will be both enjoyable and comfortable. We make sure that you get only the best and most reliable service available.