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Slow Down with Fall Camping Photo

Slow Down with Fall Camping

Sep 18 - Oct 10, 2019

As summer begins its slow fade and the pace of life feels as if it's picking up... slow down with some fall camping.  Wake up to the morning sun warming the air, drying the dew that kissed the grass during the evening hours. Smell the scent of breakfast wafting in the air, greeting the promise of a new day. Visit one of the numerous orchards or award-winning vineyards in our area, calming your spirit and delighting your senses.  Or, go for a hike in the woods or walk along the shores of the fresh water ocean we call Lake Michigan, stretching this moment as if it could last forever.  Then relax at the campground, enjoying the cooler temperatures as you sit by the warmth of your campfire, listen to the rustling breeze rushing through the mature trees that have begun to dress themselves in radiant colors.

Work can wait, as you labor to enjoy one more camping night with your family and friends.

Sep - Oct 18 - 10

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