General Campground Information

Pool Policy

We want to make sure everyone has a safe stay here and have a few safety rules. Please NO large floats. Please keep all pets out of the pool area. Please NO glass bottles in the pool. NO running. NO horseplay. Be careful of small children and others in the pool. NO unsupervised children. No disorderly conduct. We do enforce all of these policies, so please be considerate of each other and us if we ask you to refrain from unsafe behavior. While our pool remains open year round, it may be closed due to low water temperature or poor weather conditions.
Thank you,
KOA staff

Pricing guidelines

Please check rates and availability for current pricing

Music and Radio

We are a family campground and playing of vulgar music, swearing, comedians who are offensive are not permitted any time of day. you will be asked to turn off the non family content. Thank you, KOA staff Please keep the music that is appropriate in your site only. We will have to address any music that is impeding on others enjoyment and ability to relax.

Check In Time

We would like the opportunity to welcome all our registered guests. Please stop by the office BEFORE entering the campground. Arrival should be planned to occur after 2 pm and if you need a late arrival we will place your reservation map on our front door if you are not here by the close of business. Please be courteous when setting up late in the night of quiet hours starting 10 pm.

Smoke Free Campground

No cigarette smoking in Kabins, Lodges or public buildings. Absolutely No public smoking with recreational marijuana outside of tent, Rv, or in cars for public to view. NO smoking in kabins, Lodges, bathrooms or public buildings.


Two night minimum for weekend stays and we can accommodate a one night *ONLY *during weekday camp outs. Scout pricing is $8.00 per scout and Leader in uniform. All guests or non scout parent is $11.50 p/p Double Tent site is $99.00

Requested Sites

Management will always do our best to help you with a special request. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot grant you the special request or the site you were promised. Please be considerate as we continue to serve all the needs of our campers. Thank you for this opportunity and understanding if we cannot meet your request. Cloverdale Staff

Exit 517 Closed!!!

Please note the Seasonal Road called River Road is closed. Located Exit 517 Asti Road exit. Please take Exit 520 to the Citrus Fair exit and follow all signs to the Cloverdale KOA.


We understand hammocks and camping go hand in hand! We want you to enjoy your stay with us while you are here and please ask you to use only free standing hammocks. NOTHING TIED TO TREES. These endanger and destroy the tree.

On TOP of Alexander Valley

We are nestled in the hills of Alexander Valley. Located 5 miles east of Clover dale on a long winding country tree lined road. We accommodate large rigs who are comfortable with their driving expertise and our 6% grade for about a mile to the campground. The scenic views are spectacular and the starry nights and woodland creatures are beautiful to observe as the hush of nightfall comes over the valley. We do not have many lights nor noise in our campground. Especially during the week when we are less crowded. An adventure to behold to say the least.

NO Tents on Cabin, Lodges, RV sites

Children love to play in tents and parents love the extra room a tent can give to a weekend getaway. Cloverdale KOA does have a tenting section and we ask you to refrain from placing any Tent on a Cabin, RV, or Lodge site. If you need additional space please let the office know and we can make other arrangements for your guests. We do have a cabin and a few RV sites that will allow a tent near them for an additional cost. Please inquire with the office staff to accommodate your needs. Please be considerate of staff if they need to remind you to take down a tent on a non-designated tent site.

Clothes lines

Please hang your wet clothes and towels on your Rv, Tent, or Kabin rail. Clothes lines destroy trees. NOTHING TIED TO TREES. We wish to preserve our trees and nature. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation when a staff member may have to remind our guests. There are free standing options please use anyone of those options including our dryers.

Pool and Spa year around hours Winter and Peak Hours

Our pool and spa are opened from 9 am until 8 pm during the winter months. December until March. During Peak times March- November our Pool and Spa hours are 9 am until 9:30 pm


Please do not park on the hill going out of the campground. Please walk to the pool do not try to park near the pool. The registration area is for guests arriving to register. Please do not park here for use of pool or over night stay. Please do not park in front of the propane area. Other vehicles cannot get around you who wish to enter. Please ask staff if you have a need or question regarding the parking situation.

Check out time

11 am for all guests. We look forward to seeing you next time you pass by. Please allow us this time to prepare the campground for our next arrivals. We know you enjoyed our pool and would like extra time to finish your vacation. Please come to the office BEFORE 11 am and let us know you will be paying extra for the use of the pool after hours check out.

Pool use after check out

$3 per person PER hour. If you would like to use the pool after 11 am of your departure date please come to the office and we will gladly accept cash, visa, master card. Please DO NOT stay on site with out notifying the office/store. Thank you

Pet Policy

We do allow pets in our dry camping cabins and All Lodges. Cloverdale KOA does not allow Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman pincers on site or any mix there of with these breeds. Please, Please pick up after your pet and dispose properly in the waste receptacles provided around the campground. ALL pets must be on a six foot leash per Sonoma County laws.

Tent sites

Not all tent sites are the same. Some are smaller while some are very large. Normal man size tents of 4 person or less will fit on all sites. 8 person and 10 person tents will fit on most sites. When you want two or more tents please call so we can help you.

Day Use

Day Use is Monday-Thursday from Noon until 6 pm $17.50 per person ONLY

Reservation fees for RV, Tent, KKabins

Cloverdale KOA has many amenities for our guests. Our site rental is based on a base price plus tax for two persons for RV, Tents, and dry camping Kabins -$11.50 per person PER day for additional persons 7 years old and above.

All Lodges

All Lodges have a base price plus tax for (4 ) persons. $50 per additional guest AND visitors per day(even for a few hours) The lodging is set up with linens for queen size bed and sleeping bags/pillows on bunk beds. Futon couch in living room designed for small children only if extra sleeping arrangements are needed. Please NO ADULTS on futon for sleeping. All Lodges have full bathroom with shower and A/C/heat. Towels are provided. Deluxe Lodges have kitchenette with microwave, utensils. plates(4), glasses, and a small fridge, coffee maker. Luxury Lodges have full size refrigerator and stove top along with pots and pans as extra than deluxe Lodge. No ovens in any Lodge.

Visitor policy

We love people and we know you want to have guests during your stay with us. Please know we wish to be fair and safe in offering a great value to our guests. During Memorial Day to Labor Day we strive hard to maintain a safe environment here @ Cloverdale KOA. Please allow us this ability to ensure safe camping by having NO visitors during weekends or holidays. We have to maintain a safe occupancy and cannot accommodate outside visitors during our Peak times. Sunday-Thursday camping is a great time for you as our guest to allow your friends to have dinner or visit our beautiful campground. Please remember all additional persons will be $17.50 per person per day even for a few hours. Thank you!

Guaranteed Reservations

We take great pride in having a place for you to unwind and camp during your stay with us. When booking please take care to choose the number of nights, persons, and proper ages on your reservation and note our cancellation policy and pet policy. This is a guaranteed reservation and will be honored. All alterations of the reservation after check in must go through the owner.

Cancellation Policy

Please read the cancelation email carefully. RVs and tents are 48 hours. Dry camping Kabins are 7 days and ALL Lodges are 30 DAYS for cancelation. If booking within the cancelation time period you are being honored with a GUARANTEED reservation and the KOA cancelation policy will be upheld. There is a $10 cancelation fee for RV, tent and Kabins.
ALL Lodges are $25 cancelation fee if canceled outside of the 30 days with the whole deposit being forfeited within 30 days. Holidays, Special Events and High Demand Periods may have special deposits and/or cancelation requirements.

Site questions answered

Fire rings are located at every Kabin and Lodge. Most Rv and tent sites have fire rings. We will do our best to accommodate anyone who needs one. Please DO NOT move them or take them from a site that is not assigned to you. Please call the office for assistance. ALL Luxury Lodges have propane grills outside on the deck. ALL Deluxe Lodges have charcoal grills. All Kamping Kabins have charcoal PITS located outside the site.

Gathering of 12 persons+

If you are planning a gathering over 12 person you MUST let the office know and plan the event as a group. We will help you choose sites and accommodations to meet your needs. Please call 707 894 3337

After hours arrival

Thank you for your reservation! We do allow arrivals after business hours and will leave a map with your name, site number and how to reach your campsite on the front door of the office.If you have reserved a Kabin or Lodge the key will be inside the unit. We would like you to know our quiet hours begin at 10 pm. If you arrive after quiet hours have begun then please note this is NOT the time to set up camp and make a lot of noise disturbing others. Please keep talking to a whisper, no slamming of car doors, children running around and or playing. Set up camp during day light hours and allow those around you to sleep quietly and enjoy the peace of the night. We do have security driving around and they will assist you in any way they can to help get you tucked into bed. Leave the Daylight for setting up camp. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Clover dale Staff

Quiet Hours

Starry nights are a grand view here in clover dale KOA. We do enjoy listening to the quiet hours as the hush falls over the campground. Around 10 pm our night security will be by to begin their shift of calming the waters by implementing the Quiet hour policy. Here is the Clover Dale Quiet Hour policy: Whispers after dark, walking not running, loud cackling and laughter will be shushed, No bike riding, play ground closed, late arrivals instructed on proper etiquette, No unneeded setting up or breaking down of camp which disturbs others with unnecessary noise after 10 pm, no after hour guests, children at their designated site for the night, no disorderly conduct or refusing to be quiet: Friday night disruptions in others camping will have Saturday morning disruptions in your camping. Thank you for help in this matter, Cloverdale KOA Staff

Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters,

We do allow pedal bikes on the campground. Please wear a helmet and safety shoes while riding. Please beware there are cars driving on the campground. Be Safe! NO Mopeds, electric scooters, motorized off road bikes allowed. Registered Motor bikes only. All others can ride them into the campground and out of the campground but not around the campground.

5 pmh speed limit

Please! Slow Down! This is a family campground with lots of children and families there is no need to drive faster than 5 pmh...just leave your foot off the gas and watch out for little ones and deer. Thank you!

Mail Service

We do not have mail service to this campground except via Fed Ex or UPS delivery.

Meet Your Hosts

Pamela Mendala

We have blended the spectacular natural environment with modern amenities that campers expect today.

Before she bought her campground in 1993, Pamela Mendala worked hard in the banking industry. But once she left the corporate world, Mendala took off a considerable amount of time to think about what she would do with the rest of her working life. "I thought about what experiences could combine together and what parts of my life gave me the greatest joy, satisfaction and memories," she said.

Her introspection brought her back to the outdoors and the memories she had with family and friends in that setting. During her time off, Pamela drove with a friend in a rented RV to Colorado and stayed at many campgrounds along the way, and one was a KOA campground. She found it was for sale and became interested in the possibility of buying it.

But her ties were to the Bay Area, so Pamela systematically began looking for campgrounds that met her criteria and were closer to home. She came across the Cloverdale campground and decided to buy it. As a business owner, Pamela is attentive to the deliberate marriage of the campground's physical setting with its offerings.

"We have successfully blended the spectacular natural environment with the modern amenities that campers expect today," she said. "It is a delicate balance to strike, keeping the environment as natural as it is."

Pamela is clear about the number one offering of her campground. "Always, always, always remember what business you are in. Ours is the business of creating memories," she said. "We are not in the campground, hospitality or recreation business. We are in the memory business."

She still likes to travel, but can't resist stopping at businesses to observe their services and environment. She makes mental notes on what works for them and how they create winning combinations and then takes those ideas back to her campground. Even in her spare time, the driven and smart business owner is still thinking about the principals of business. "I try to make sure I am always working on the right things," she said.