How to Stay Dry When Tent Camping

How to Stay Dry When Tent Camping

As much as we’d love it if camping season was nothing but sunny days, rain is inevitable. If you're camping in a tent when the drops start falling, it can be a challenge as well as an inconvenience.

Here are a few handy tips to help you stay warm and dry when the weather isn’t on your side.

A Tarp

Always top your tent with a tarp. We recommend a smaller size made by Tyvek, after all, it is what they wrap houses in to waterproof them. And that’s just what you need stretched over your tent to help keep the rain out. 

Waterproof Your Tent

Treat your tent with a spray-on waterproofing for fabric. This could actually double the life of your tent – and even protect it from UV rays when the sun is out. 

Before you head to the campground, check your tent seams for leaks and repair them if you find any. 

Pick a Good Sleeping Bag

Choose a waterproof sleeping bag, so that if water does happen to make it in your tent while you’re sleeping, you won’t end up wet and cold during the night. 

Set Up Your Tent Wisely

When you get to your site, give it a once over. If you can, avoid setting up your tent in an area where water will pool if it rains. If your site has a tree, position your tent under it so that any downpours will be diffused. 

Waterproof Yourself

Don’t forget to pack rain gear, like boots, a rain jacket or rain suit, a poncho and an umbrella. You can hide out in your tent or the activity center for a while, but eventually you’ll have to run to the bathhouses or do some cooking outside. Don’t focus so much on waterproofing your tent that you forget to waterproof yourself. 

Trash Bags

You could buy expensive waterproof packs and dry bags for your stuff or you could grab a box of trash compactor bags, they’re thicker than regular trash bags, and stow your stuff for much cheaper. Bring a couple of bags with you and, if the heavens open, cover your luggage and other items that could be damaged. 

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