How to Pick a Crab

How to Pick a Crab

Crabs are an essential part of summer...if you know how to pick 'em! Getting the most out of your crab feast requires a bit of technique, so follow these steps to becoming a crab picking master.



1. Remove both claws and all of the legs EXCEPT for the back fins at the base of the crab (these will come in handy later)

2. Flip the whole crab over on its back.

3. Get your knife underneath the apron, the part that resembles the Washington Monument, and slide your thumb in between the apron and the crab, then down to the bottom of the crab so that you can pry off the shell.

4. Once you have the shell off, use a knife to cut off the lungs on the sides and scrape out the contents of the middle section.

5. Split the body in half, vertically between the two sections.

6. Remember those back fins we left on? Get your thumb in the knuckle of where the back fin connects to the body and slowly pull.

7. If you do it right, you should end up with a lollipop of crab meat on the other end of the back fin.

8. If you couldn't quite get the crab lollipop to work, you can still get the meat out of the two halves. Just cut each of the halves in half like you would an un-cut hamburger bun and pick through the four sections!


1. Break the claw in half, where it naturally bends. 

2. Place your knife at a 45-degree angle on the center of the half with no claw.

3. Hit the knife with your mallet to break that half and enjoy the meat!

4. With the other half of the claw, place your knife perpendicularly as close to the base of the actual claw as possible and hit with your mallet.

5. Once you pull the two halves apart, all of the meat should be attached to the side with the claw. If the meat is stuck in the other half, repeat step 2 on this half of the claw. 


Now it's time to put your skills to the test! Come out for our Crab Feast & Music Festival on August 3 and crack some crabs. This is the perfect summer event because it combines the best elements of summer: crabs and music. 

In addition to the crab feast, we will have a food truck as well as unforgettable performances from Chase Payne and Front Page News! So be sure to brush up your crab picking skills with the steps above and get ready for a summer night of great music and even better food.

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