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5 Camping Themed Crafts to Make With Your Kids

5 Camping Themed Crafts to Make With Your Kids

With your kids home from school, you're probably starting to run out of ideas on how to keep them busy and entertained. We've got just the thing! Camping themed crafts. Your kids can be creative and show off their love of spending time in the great outdoors. Plus, these will make great decorations for the RV.

Here are a few of our favorite camping themed crafts:


These camp chairs are a great way for kids to show off their personalities using different fabrics and adding their own decorative touches, like glitter and stickers, to the PVC pipes.

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You can’t beat this simple craft! Don’t forget to make the real thing afterward to celebrate your masterpieces!

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There's a good chance you have all the supplies for this one on hand already! For some added entertainment, encourage your kids to sit around their new campfire and tell stories, sing songs and make pretend s'mores. 

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Brighten up your home or RV with one of these colorful wind catchers. These are fun to make and give you a perfect opportunity to teach your kids the colors of the rainbow! All you need are some streamers, a paper plate and some paint.

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With the return of spring, birds are more active than ever. Make one of these fun feeders and then encourage your kids to get outside every day by going out to check on them. 

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