How to Cool Off in the Summer in Carrollton, OH

How to Cool Off in the Summer in Carrollton, OH

There are many things to love about summer, from the weather to longer and brighter days. Summer is also a great time to travel and try new things — and when you choose to vacation in Carrollton, OH, you will enjoy our warm summers and be able to participate in a variety of exciting activities. 

Best Things to Do in Summer Near Carrollton, OH

If you're wondering what to do during summer in Carrollton, OH, here are a few warm-weather activities that the area has to offer: 

  • Water activities: The lake parks near the area offer various water activities to help you beat the heat and enjoy quality time with your family. You can spend hours wakeboarding, tubing and waterskiing. 
  • Visit a swimming beach: The swim beach in Atwood Lake Park is the perfect place to go to cool off on the hotter days of summer. The nicely sized beach also has floating obstacle courses that provide endless fun for people of all ages. 
  • Fishing: If you enjoy fishing, one of the most exciting summer things to do in Carrollton, Ohio, is to spend the day trying to catch some fish species native to Ohio, like the northern pike or smallmouth bass. 
  • Visit an amusement park: You can visit an amusement park like Tuscura Park, which has plenty of fun rides for people of all ages, playgrounds and a miniature golf course. 
  • Nature hikes: Hiking is a great way to exercise while taking in the sights and sounds of nature. You can take short scenic strolls through Bluebird Farm Park with the kids and visit Susie's Museum of Childhood. 
  • Picnics: Pick a serene picnic spot surrounded by scenic views and enjoy a warm sunny day with your family. 

Prepping for Your Summer Vacation

With any trip you take, planning in advance will make your vacation more enjoyable. From researching the area to packing the right clothes, successfully preparing for your vacation goes a long way. Here are a few ways to prep for your summer vacation in Carrollton: 

  • Create a checklist: A checklist is a great way to keep track of everything that needs to be done before the vacation starts.
  • Plan your activities: Once you know all the summer activities the area offers, you can start planning out your days to ensure you have a summer filled with adventure. 
  • Pack the essentials: Your summer packing list should include sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, swimsuits, summer clothing and underwater swimming gear. 

Enjoy All the Summer Things to Do in Carrollton, Ohio

After days filled with exploring Carrollton and enjoying all the fun summer activities, you can rest at Carrollton KOA Holiday. We also have plenty of on-site activities for you to participate in with the whole family and add to your summer vacation memories. 

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