The Crest Bar and Grill | Part of Bakersfield KOA Journey

The Crest Bar and Grill was synonymous with Bakersfield for over 35 years. Luckily, KOA was able to bring it back and reopen it for dining! Check it out today!

The Crest Bar and Grill Drive-in Movie Theater in Bakersfield, California opened its gates in 1963. The Drive-in gave fans the opportunity to watch a movie in privacy but still have numerous people around enjoying one of the two features playing that night. The Crest was able to keep the gates open for thirty-five years before having to close them in 1998. If you ask someone who grew up here in Bakersfield, they can still remember the smell of popcorn drifting through the balmy summer nights. In 2003 the Crest was dismantled after being closed for five years. Fortunately for visitors and the community, the Bakersfield KOA Journey brought back part of the amazing Crest Drive-in with its restaurant, The Crest Bar and Grill. The Crest is a fine dining, full-service restaurant for the community and RV guests.

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