Update from new owner

Update from new owner

This will be the first summer of us owning our Ashland/Huntington West KOA campground. Summer is of course the busiest season, but winter had its challenges as well. This was the first time I lived in an RV in the winter. You learn how to live in an RV with snow and freezing conditions. Once you learn it, it is actually not that hard. Winters here are not that harsh, but having a skirt around the bottom of the RV helps. 

We added a big jumping pad 40'x25', which has proven very popular with kids and adults alike. We also built a kiddy paddle cart trail and added a dog run at the lower level. Meanwhile, in the neighborhood, Malibu Jack's opened one of their facilities which has a lot of entertainment for children and adults, such as mini golf, rides, laser tag and bowling.

I hear that horse betting is coming to the area soon. The farmer next to us opened a meat processing plant near us with a deli which has proven very popular—the best meat cuts for reasonable prices. 

We have started to offer special rates for longer stays. For example, if you arrive Sunday or Monday, you get 4 nights for the price of 3. If you stay a week, you pay for 5 nights only. For long-term (30 nights and up) - we offer a few attractive deals.

We have been able to hire a few more employees, including an event planner who has been doing a great job with Ice cream socials, crafts activities, and a Hawaiian Luau with pulled pork sandwiches. We are organizing a Renaissance Fair in August, as well as boat trips on the lake in Grayson.

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