Top 4 reasons to camp in Kentucky in the Fall!

Top 4 reasons to camp in Kentucky in the Fall!

1) Campfire meals

There’s something so fun about heating up the cast iron skillet and preparing your camp meals in the crisp fall air. Light up the campfire, and huddle in close with your friends and family. Share a hot meal together and revel in the simplicity of it all. Top it all off with delicious s’mores!


2) The Weather 

Who doesn’t love sweater weather? When you enjoy camping during the fall season, you reap the benefits of cool, refreshing temperatures. Forget sweating it out. You’ll be comfortable while enjoying your outdoor experiences near our campground, including hiking, hunting, fishing, and more.

3) Fewer Crowds 

Busy campgrounds can be overwhelming during summer; finding the right spot – even off the grid – can be a challenge. Fewer people camp during the school year, allowing you to enjoy more campground privacy and less crowded hiking trails. 

Bonus: Make time to check out neighboring towns and experience local culture after the vacationers have gone and inflated summer prices return to normal. 

4) Bye Bye Bugs

Kiss the mosquitos and ticks, goodbye! Another great perk of camping during the autumn months is you don’t have to worry about all the summer bugs and the itchy bites that come with them.

Are you eager to join us this beautiful season? We hope you’ll join us this season at our beautiful campground for your camping fun. Book now! 

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