Asheville Summer Activities

Asheville Summer Activities

Asheville in the summer provides endless fun for those visiting and local to the area. From attending events and touring landmarks to eating delicious food and spending time in nature, there are many things to do in Asheville.

Here is a list of summer Asheville activities you and your traveling companions will not want to miss.

Events and Tours of Asheville

You and your friends can explore many Asheville attractions while visiting the area, from Downtown Asheville to the countryside. Some unique tours and attractions to experience include:

1. Biltmore Estate

Visit the Biltmore Estate when you come to Asheville. It is a national landmark and America’s Largest Home®. The 250-room French Renaissance château took six years to build. Construction began in 1889, and it was completed and opened in 1895. The Estate has multiple properties you can tour and explore, from the Biltmore House and Gardens to Antler Hill Village and Winery. 

Spend a day walking around the Biltmore Estate and participating in wine and chocolate tastings. There are also a variety of events throughout the year.

2. Eating Asheville Tours

If you love food and want to explore the local restaurants but do not know where to start, consider joining an Eating Asheville tour. Eat, drink and walk through the historic downtown area following an experienced tour guide. With three food tours to choose from, you and your friends or family will love trying some of the best food and drinks in Asheville.

3. AVL Lit Tour

Are you an avid reader? Asheville is home to a lot of literary history, often being a place of inspiration for many authors like F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, James Patterson and more. Experience a unique multimedia tour designed for literary travelers by joining an AVL Lit Tour. You will follow a guide through Downtown Asheville to visit many literary destinations throughout the city.

4. Second Saturday in the River Arts District

Take a trip to the River Arts District whenever you are in Asheville on the second Saturday of each month. The River Arts District hosts gallery walks, live music, workshops, food, wine tastings and more all day to showcase the many talents of local artists. The Arts District is a must-see area if you are an artist or strongly appreciate art.

Local Breweries and Food

If you enjoy food and beer, Asheville is the place to be. With many local restaurants and breweries throughout the city, you will find treats and drinks you will enjoy. Some of the most popular breweries and food venues in Asheville include:

1. Wicked Weed Brewing

When you want to try 25 unique draft beers, go to Wicked Weed Brewing. They have barrel-aged sour ales, West Coast-style IPAs and many others to choose from. Have a delicious meal at the Brewpub, Wicked Weed Brewing's original home, restaurant and 15-barrel brewery. 

If you want a new beer experience, visit Wicked Weed Brewing's Funkatorium, the first sour beer taproom on the East Coast. You will have fun trying new beers and delicious food at either location.

2. Highland Brewing Company

Visit a destination brewery like Highland Brewing Company. In 1994, the family-owned company became the first legal brewery in Asheville since Prohibition. Since then, the brewery has grown into one of the regional leaders, providing award-winning beers in its taprooms and stores across North Carolina.

3. Nine Mile

Indulge in vegetarian-friendly and Caribbean-inspired meals when you go to Nine Mile for dinner. The dining venue offers laid-back vibes and fresh flavors for locals and visitors. Everyone in your party can enjoy eating delicious food, whether they are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free.

4. Cúrate

Eat like you are in Spain when you dine at Cúrate. The restaurant serves classic and innovative Spanish tapas and wine. You will not want to miss this authentic Spanish experience that also includes a cafe, wine bar and Spanish market. 

Hiking and Nature

While Asheville is an excellent city for food, beer and attractions, it also is surrounded by beautiful nature, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Great Smoky Mountains. If you enjoy spending time in the sun surrounded by the great outdoors, consider taking a few hikes during your trip. Here are some of the trails you can follow to see gorgeous sights:

1. Skinny Dip Falls Trailhead

Whether you are a beginner or want a simple hike for the day, Skinny Dip Falls Trailhead is a great hike for all ages. The trail is about a mile long and leads to a series of beautiful cascading waterfalls and a swimming hole. It is a relatively simple hike with some rocks and roots along the path. The elevation increases by 200 feet, so you can still breathe easily.

2. Daniel Ridge Falls Loop Trail

For more experienced hikers, hiking a moderate trail like Daniel Ridge Falls Loop Trail is a great way to see waterfalls in a more secluded area. The Daniel Ridge Falls Loop Trail is four miles long and has an 800 feet elevation gain. It typically has few visitors, so you could have a peaceful hike to yourself or your group.

3. Looking Glass Rock Trail

If you and your group are expert hikers, then the Looking Glass Rock Trail is a must. The strenuous trail has a 1,722 feet elevation gain and is 5.8 miles long. You can have a jaw-dropping view of the mountains when you reach the top of the course. Stop at the Looking Glass Falls to see a beautiful waterfall and cool down along the way.

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