First Time RV Trips

6/29/2015 | RV Advice

So you just purchased a 5-ton machine that’s basically a house on wheels and you’re a little hesitant about hopping on the highway and heading across the country. We feel you. That’s why we’ve made you this list of trips that are short and sweet to get you acquainted with your new RV. So in […]

Going RV’ing this summer? Then check out these epic RV road trips!

6/24/2015 | RV Advice

Whether you own an RV or have decided to rent one for a fun trip this summer, you need to have some destinations in mind. Sure, it can be fun to go to the same RV campsite every season. You can develop friendships with fellow RVers and know that you will always have a good […]

Simple and Easy, Traveling Tiny May Very Well Be the Highway to Happiness We All Seek

4/30/2015 | RV Advice

Big RVs aren’t the only way to enjoy life on the road. Find out how teardrop owners use their tiny campers to enjoy the little things.


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Green RV Series Part 3 – Green Campground Tips

4/7/2015 | RV Advice

Learn great ways to enjoy your RV while still being environmentally friendly. Here you’ll find tips and tricks perfect for your RV lifestyle—and the earth.

RV Tip Video: Top 10 Items RVers Forget to Take Camping

3/30/2015 | RV Advice

In this fun RV video, KOA resident expert Mark Polk offers his top 10 list of items RV owners forget to take on camping trips.

Green RV Series Part 2 – Green Tips for Water, Electric and LP Gas Systems

3/9/2015 | RV Advice

Learn how to turn your RV into a green machine with our resident RV expert, Mark Polk.