RV Packing 101

6/6/2016 | RV Advice

Ready to head out for that big RV trip? Keep these packing tips from KOA partner GEICO in mind and you’ll be road-ready in no time!

6 RV Maintenance Musts

5/26/2016 | RV Advice

Our friends at GEICO shares their top tips for getting your RV road trip ready just in time for summer camping.


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Vintage Campers Live On Through Restoration

3/28/2016 | RV Advice

Read how one family’s love of vintage trailers turned into a magazine devoted to classic campers.

RV Expert Explains: RV Tire Inflation

2/18/2016 | RV Advice

How much air do you put in RV tires? Learn from resident RV Expert Mark Polk on how to keep your RV’s tires properly inflated.

8 RV Tips From Aussie RVers

2/17/2016 | Plan

RV Experts from down under drop some knowledge on their way through the Southwest. See what they have to say about RVing through the Land of Oz.

RV Gadgets You Shouldn’t Go Without

1/18/2016 | RV Advice

In this informative video watch as KOA Resident RV Expert Mark Polk and his wife Dawn show you some handy gadgets to make RV life on the road easy, fun and safe.