The Ultimate RV Toolbox & Essential RV Supplies

10/3/2017 | RV Advice

Learn what tools and supplies an RV expert never leaves home without.

Get Your RV Furnace Ready for Colder Weather

9/18/2017 | RV Advice

Ready your RV’s furnace for a season of cold-weather camping with this fall check-up.


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10 Tips to Extend the Life of RV Batteries

9/6/2017 | RV Advice

RV batteries should last for 6 or more years. Unfortunately, some RV owners replace them every year. Learn how to extend the life of your RV battery!

10 Items RV Owners Need for Reliable Campground Connections

9/5/2017 | RV Advice

Be prepared for the unexpected with these 10 items.

Avoid The Top 5 Mistakes RVers Make

8/16/2017 | RV Advice

In this how-to video, KOA Resident RV Expert Mark Polk offers his advice on how to avoid the most common RV owner oversights.

Travel Trailer & 5th Wheel Backing-Up Tips

7/25/2017 | RV Advice

In this video, KOA’s resident expert, Mark Polk, offers some tips on how to back a travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer into a site.