Travel Stories: The Search for the Perfect Snowbird Companion

10/5/2012 | Plan

By Kathy Taubman Our dream has always been to become traveling snowbirds when we retired. Our dream began while owning and operating our own KOA from 1978 through 1981 in Van Horn, Texas. We were exposed to the value KOA has as a family owned business and the value it provides campers. After several challenging […]


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A Long List of Surprises

7/24/2012 | Plan

I’d seen that sign a million times as a kid — traversing the country on family road trips. The KOA red and yellow teepee. But we’d never stopped there; we weren’t what you’d call a “camping family.” In fact, I don’t think I ever even knew what camping was until I met my future wife, […]

How to Find a KOA that Sings to You

6/12/2012 | Plan

At KOA, we pride ourselves on having campgrounds that offer a range of possibilities for people who love the outdoors — as a vacation resort, a place to stay and play, a stopover from A to B and a base camp from which to launch all of your adventures. In fact, with all the musical […]

KOA Cabins: Your Home Away from Home

4/3/2012 | Plan

Looking for a relaxing getaway? Look no further than a KOA cabin, your home away from home! Learn more about our cabin camping options here.

Discovering North America: Let’s Go To the Movies

3/5/2012 | Plan

Watching the 2012 Academy awards, I got to thinking about how much fun it is to track down movie locations when on a road trip. I think there is something so interesting about visiting the exact place where a favorite film scene was shot. All of a sudden, the movie seems to come alive as […]

Here We Grow Again – Introducing New KOAs

1/17/2012 | Plan

  As the largest campground system in the U.S. and Canada, we are always looking for prime spots for new campgrounds—and we love to welcome existing campgrounds into our KOA family. Whether it’s a destination campground or one along the way to other attractions, we focus on finding places with many fun things for our […]