The art of telling the perfect campfire horror story

4/9/2015 | Plan

The hotdogs have been roasted. The s’mores have been eaten. Everyone around the campfire is feeling content and relaxed. The sun has gone down and darkness has settled over the woods. That’s how you know it’s the perfect time to tell your fellow campers a campsite horror story. But how do you tell a campsite […]


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Set up camp at your favorite movie filming location

4/7/2015 | Plan

We all sometimes wish that our favorite movies were real. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t true. Sometimes the next best thing though is to go and visit the real-life filming locations, especially for movies shot in the outdoors. If you want to go camping in a place where a movie was filmed, here are a few […]

Pet Camping at KOA Always Leads to Interesting “Tails”

4/7/2015 | Plan

By Jennifer Grambs – KOA Kompass Travel Correspondent Photos by Jeff Grambs If you’re an animal lover—and who isn’t—this will make you smile. Pet campers at KOA have included a horse, wolf, well-behaved pigs (both pot-bellied and slightly slimmer), the kind of monkey that sits on your shoulder, a parrot, cockatiel and, I’m not kidding, a […]

Camp, Save & Help Kids With Cancer At The Same Time

4/7/2015 | Plan

It isn’t often you have a chance to do something you love, save money and help children with cancer—all at the same time! Help us celebrate KOA’s official start to the summer camping season on Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9 by joining us for KOA Care Camps BIG Weekend. Campers who stay as […]

These camping hacks are the ones you actually need

4/7/2015 | Plan

In today’s fast paced society, saving time and making things easier is a very popular topic of conversation. The word “hacks” has now become synonymous with tips and tricks to make anything simpler. When it comes to camping “hacks” guides out there, they can be kind of a mixed bag of actually useful tips and […]

Fun On-the-Go: DIY Travel Activity Kits for Kids

3/30/2015 | Plan

Having a travel kit is a must when looking for ways to keep kids entertained in the car or RV. Check out these DIY travel activity kit ideas.