The Best Camping Books for Kids

5/13/2015 | Plan

By Eileen Ogintz Remember MadLibs? They’re the fill-in-the-blank stories that kids like to make as silly as possible—great for a campfire.  There are junior MadLibs and MadLibs apps. I started thinking about how much fun they could be for young kids at a campfire when family activity experts at the National Park Service suggested helping […]

Backpacking Tips for Beginners | First Time Backpacking Checklist

5/12/2015 | Plan

KOA offers a complete guide with everything you need to know about backpacking, including expert tips and essential advice on getting started. Learn more!


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Keep the whole family happy with these awesome kid-friendly campgrounds

5/9/2015 | Plan

In a perfect world, kids wouldn’t need any extra entertainment while on a family camping trip. They would enjoy the scenery and quiet walks through the woods and be content the whole time. But in reality we know that just isn’t always the case. Kids like to experience fun activities while camping, and getting them […]

Make your fellow campers jealous with must-have camping gear

5/6/2015 | Plan

There are a ton of awesome and unique pieces of camping gear on the market. Once you have all of the basic and necessary camping supplies, these awesome add-ons will begin to tempt you more and more. The challenge is to decide which of them are actually useful and worth the money. Lucky for you, […]

Get the Kids Involved in Trip Planning!

4/30/2015 | Plan

Trying to plan the perfect camping adventure for your family? Find out what the kids think.

Favorite Itineraries for Two Wheels

4/30/2015 | Plan

Are you a biker looking for sweepers, switchbacks and majestic mountain views? This is your itinerary.