Essentials for Traveling with Kids

December 8, 2022

Everyone knows that road trips are awesome! Traveling with family, especially kids, can open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you. The United States has some amazing places to see, but what should you do while you are on the way to one of these locations?

Firstly, think about snacks. Nothing eliminates road trip meltdowns like a great snack. This is a huge perk for RV owners who have fridge and microwave access! For general snacks on the move, we recommend fruits, carrots and dip, pretzels, squeezable yogurts, and applesauce!

Books are sometimes an overlooked form of entertainment, but all types of reading options are great for traveling. Kindles and other e-book options are great for downloading numerous stories for your children to read to themselves and each other, and it’s a great way for parents to get involved in reading time too. If you’d rather have a physical copy of a book, major retailers will have multiple options, and don’t forget checking them out of your local library — just remember to return it!

Headphones will be your best friend for trips that include children. They can use these headphones to eliminate noise and stay focused on their movie, video, audiobook, or music playlist. Parents and teens should think about packing their own headphones, too!

Trash bags and baby/cleaning wipes: You will NEVER have enough. These are perfect for spills, carsick moments, and more. Not all public toilets or rest stops may be stocked with toilet paper, but you’ll be prepared! There is no mess that wipes cannot fix.

Depending on the age of the kids, binoculars and a trusty map be a perfect way to pass the time. Saw an elk in the trees? Spy on it with binoculars. Is one kid repeatedly asking, “Are we there yet?” Let them look at a map and discover navigating.

Games are a great way to pass the time too! “ I spy”, finding license plates from all 50 states, and other road trip games can be found here:

Coloring books are relaxing and can give you and your children creative freedom. Pack washable markers, crayons, and colored pencils! In the same vein, you can also pack trivia books, crossword puzzles, and other similar activities.

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Traveling should be an enjoyable experience for all, and bringing along activities that kids can appreciate will only enhance the adventure. Remember to take in the scenery, and always have a full pack!

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