Tips and Tricks for the Best Stargazing

4/16/2018 | Activities

Looking up at the night sky and enjoying some simple stargazing is one of the best ways to spend a night camping. These simple tips and tricks will ensure your next stargazing experience is the best it can be.

10 of the Most Scenic Drives in North America

4/4/2018 | Activities

Hit the road and experience some of the most beautiful highways in North America with our list of ten truly stunning road trip routes.


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Fun Camping Games & Activities for Families | KOA Campgrounds

4/3/2018 | Activities

Camping can be the perfect way for busy families to reconnect. Try these fun games and activities on your next camping trip to make your next camping trip even better!

Fun Camping Activities for Kids | Camping Activity Ideas

3/26/2018 | Activities

Getting ready to take a family camping trip? Get your kids unplugged with these fun outdoor camping activities and game ideas!

Delicious Summer Food Festivals You Need to Try

3/22/2018 | Activities

While there’s lots to love about summer, food festivals might be one of our favorite parts of the season. We share some of our must-experience food festivals in this summer list.

DIY Upcycled Dog Toy

2/16/2018 | Activities

Please your pup with this DIY upcycled dog toy that utilizes old t-shirts.